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Tuesday, August 17
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It’s never been easier to become a certified USSF referee in Kansas

Recently the Kansas State Referee Committee (SRC) approved a new instructional philosophy that will make it much easier to become a referee and much easier to learn the basics.
What was formerly a 2 day entry level class has now been divided into multiple courses. All new referees will enter the program as Grade 9 referees by attending a one-day, 9 hour course. This course has been modified to focus on the parts of the game that are most applicable to the new referee and the types of game situations that referee can reasonably expect to see in their first year. No longer will we spend hours covering topics that generally are not applicable to the youngest age groups that a new referee is expected to work.

A second “bridge” course has been developed that will upgrade the Grade 9 referee to a regular Grade 8 status. This course will be held starting with the winter courses in 2010 and will “bridge” the gap by presenting the additional information necessary for a grade 8 referee AFTER the new referee has experienced a season of games. It is hoped that this will give the referee an opportunity to understand the information much better by being somewhat experienced before the more advanced concepts of a standard badge are presented.

The SRC has developed the instructional presentation for this course by working with a group of senior referees who are also educators in their professional life away from soccer. The development team for these courses consisted of teachers with experience at all levels of the education process, from elementary through high school as well as college and professional education.

As part of this “hands on” philosophy, the course will include extensive field work as a part of the 9 hour class and each class will be limited in size.

These two courses will be refereed to as "Part A" and "Part B" of the requirements for a normal Grade 8 referee.