USA Softball of Kansas: Adult Programs

Equipment Standards

All current equipment standards for can be found on the USA Softball web page at: 



Please read the following instructions:

Type the required Manager and Player information into the blue Championship Roster cells. You cannot save data typed into this form. Please print two copies of your completed Championship Roster. One copy is for your records and mail the other copy to the appropriate Director listed below on or before the entry deadline of your state tournament. A registration fee of $35 must accompany your roster. Remember once you close the Championship Roster Form the data entered will be lost. You must complete the form and print two copies before closing the form.

Notice: All names, DOB, and address must be correct to verify the team’s classification. Upon receiving a team’s roster the appropriate director will review their roster and notify the team manager of its approval.

Championship Roster Form

Mail the completed form to:

Wayne Burns
P.O. Box 862
McPherson, KS  67460