Kahalu'u Little League: League Forms

League forms available for downloading. Click on the form name.
Kahalu'u Little League Registration Requirements

This has all the information you need on what is required for our 2018 T-ball registration.

KLL Registration Requirements Tball 2018.pdfKLL Registration Requirements Tball 2018.pdf

Kahalu'u Little League Registration Form

This is the regular season registration form for all divisions. It can be filled out on your computer and printed. This is NOT REQUIRED if using online registration.

KLL Registration Form 2018.pdfKLL Registration Form 2018.pdf

Little League Medical Release

This is the official Little League Medical Release form.   A doctor's approval is not required.   It can be filled out on your computer and printed. Submit at registration.   This is NOT REQUIRED if using online registration.

KLL Medical Release 2017.pdfKLL Medical Release 2017.pdf

Parent Code of Conduct

This is just a little reminder that this game is for our youth and not the adults.   Please read, sign, and submit. This must be submitted even if using online registration.

KLL Parent Code 2018.pdfKLL Parent Code 2018.pdf

T-ball Information

If your player is new to T-ball, this handout provides some information and answers to questions you may have.

KLL Tball Info 2018.pdfKLL Tball Info 2018.pdf

Volunteer Application

This is the official Little League Volunteer Application.    All volunteers, including coaches, scorekeepers, umpires, team parents, etc. must submit this form and be approved by the league prior to participation.

KLL Volunteer Application 2017.pdfKLL Volunteer Application 2017.pdf

School Enrollment Form

This is the optional Little League form to verify your school enrollment if unable to submit a school record or report card. Signature by a school official is required.

KLL School Enrollment Form 2017.pdfKLL School Enrollment Form 2017.pdf

League Age Chart

To help determine a player's official league age, this chart displays the birth date ranges and the corresponding league age and division.

KLL League Age Chart 2018.pdfKLL League Age Chart 2018.pdf