Just Us Girls-La Femme Sportive: Welcome

 It's 2012: Join Us For Our 11th Season of JUST US GIRLS: La Femme Sportive!
WE HAVE MOVED OVER TO FACEBOOK: http://www.facebook.com/home.php#!/groups/277953865596158/
Before the end of January we will be dropping this site. Please visit us on Facebook and read about our changes.
Just Us Girls is now open to all Friends with no annual fees.
We are first and foremost a Network for ladies who wish to workout and socialize in a FUN atmosphere.

Established in January 2002, Just Us Girls is dedicated to promoting a healthy lifestyle and camaraderie
among female athletes interested in single and multi-sport activities.
We are intent on creating a Female Sports Network for ladies who are interested in being active and staying
active, primarily by swimming, biking and/or running. Our Network presents opportunities to meet women of
similar abilities and find support in both individual and collective fitness endeavors. We recognize and
acknowledge the stresses of everyday life and hope that by coming together, our healthy attitudes will foster
a positive environment.
We proudly wear our logo (the dragonfly) because it is an emblem of summer and a symbol of happiness,
strength, courage & success.

EMAIL: justusgsirlstc@yahoo.com