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Just Ice crew eating like beasts Tacoma 2011.jpg
Julien,Ansel,Jordan, Jeremiah beasting food in Tacoma for Just Ice
Monday, February 20
Just Ice 1 team wins for the 3rd time in a row at Seaside.
Just Ice having fun tacoma 2011.jpg
Just Ice Shooting Pool in Tacoma

Our Just Ice 1 team went down to Seaside and successfully won the championship for the 3rd time in a row. The rosters were switched all weekend and everyone contributed. As a program we went 6-2 in Seaside and came back with the coveted medals. Julien Leitner became the youngest coach ever to coach a Just Ice club team and he won 2 games for us, I was extremely proud of this phenomenal player/coach/GM.


We took a nice bus ride and really got an opportunity to bond and relax and take our Just Ice Hoops on the road.


Thanks to everyone involved for making this a phenomenal trip.



Just Ice eating great food Tacoma trip 2011.jpg
Dinner TIme for Just Ice in Tacoma

Crazy Train by Ozzy Osborne

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