Just Ice: Welcome

Just Ice 2nd Place Reynolds shootout.jpg
Just Ice 5th graders runnerups Reynolds Rumble
Monday, February 27
5th graders nab a 3rd Place in its final winter tourney. Banquet ceremony will be Weds 29 Feb at Pearl Courts.

Coach presenting Ashok 2nd Place medal

Our 5th graders winter season ended with the 5th graders taking a 3rd Place.  The 5th graders had a great journey and learned tons and improved tons during this inaugural season for 5th grade Just Ice basketball. We fielded a very new and inexperienced team that worked very hard in practice and ended up shocking a lot of people by winning a 1st place a second place and a third place during the winter season. Just Ice 5th graders finished with a pretty good 11 and 13 record and learned tons of things along the way about basketball.


I would like to thank the 5th grade team for all of its very hardwork and dedication, and giving me the chance to coach them and have some ups and downs along the way. Listed below are the players that participated for Just Ice and I am proud of all of them.






Big Baby







I thank our awesome manager Amy Wooten for all of the hardwork she did, and I thank all of the parents for showing great versatility in making sure the boys made practices and games.



Just Ice 5th graders championship pose

Ice Ice Hoops by Coach David Smith

Just Ice basketball
Coach with Just Ice Spring team
Wednesday, February 1
Just Ice weekly team wins 2nd game in a row

The Just Ice weekly team has won its second game in a row, as it knocked off the Hoop Elite team by 12 points. This team has really bonded well and played some tenacious defense. The team is a mix of old Just Ice and new Just Ice and it has been nice to watch them compete. Listed below are the players on the weekly team:

Josh, Allen, Benny, Jordan, Jeremiah, Beast,Vincent,Zeb,Ian McCollum.

The group will be playing its next game against All-in-One Thierry 2-2 on Thursday 9 Feb 2012.