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Friday, October 7
Junior Mammoth Announces 2nd Annual Highlands Ranch Indoor Winter Lacrosse League

The Colorado Junior Mammoth is pleased to announce the return of our competetive winter indoor league that will once again be hosted at the Westridge Recreation Center in Highlands Ranch.

This is real indoor lacrosse that will be taught by real indoor players and coaches that have played and coached the game at the highest level.  Don't accept any substitutes.


The League will begin play on the weekend of January 7th and run through the March 10th weekend with playoffs and championships.  It will be an 8 or 9 game schedule (depending on number of teams) plus playoffs/championship with games on Saturdays and Sundays, you will be afforded a one hour practice per week at the facility.    We will play modified NLL rules with smaller nets.


Each team will consist of 12-15 runners and one or two goalies.  The price for participation will be $175 per player.   


The Mammoth will provide referee training, rules structure, and the opportunity to have professional players/coaches at limited practices and games for guidance.


Consider this a great opportunity to play lacrosse in a climate controlled environment against the best of Colorado youth boys lacrosse prior to having to practice in the frozen tundra of March!!!!


Our goal is to have 8 competitive teams at three age different age levels.  We are aging the kids by year as opposed to grade level to correspond to potential summer tournament opportunities.  The opportunity is being formulated to create a National Lacrosse League Junior tournament where all NLL teams will send Junior teams to compete in a tournament right now being planned in Denver.  All kids that participate here will have the opportunity to be selected to compete for the Junior Mammoth within those competitive situations.


The three age levels for this coming season are as follows…Novice born in 2003 or 2002, Peewee born in 2001 or 2000, Bantam born in 1999 or 1998. 


For registration information please refer to the registration page.

Monday, November 15
What is Junior Mammoth Lacrosse!!!

We have decided to expand the Junior Mammoth program, and would like to offer this group a unique opportunity to be involved!!!

The Colorado Junior Mammoth recently competed in the Jack Crosby Memorial All Star Tournament in Burnaby, British Columbia on July 8-11.  The team went undefeated in the box lacrosse portion of the tournament and won both outdoor lacrosse games preceding the indoor portion.  The Junior Mammoth experience was a great one for the boys and the parents and culminated in the championship win with an 18-3 score in the final.

This is some feedback from some the 2010 Junior Mammoth Parents on what the program meant to them…

“While most youth sports leagues provide these experiences, I've not seen any volunteer-based effort that matches the rigor, organization and results that Steve Govett and the Mammoth organization have achieved. The Mammoth team has taken the professionalism, discipline and expertise of a national sports franchise and turned into a program that young boys can thrive on. Our son has received expert technical coaching, had access to the best equipment; shared the stories and first-hand life experiences from pro and former pro athletes. The Mammoth program provides more that technical "how-to's" and game-time practice, it imparts the idea of "what" it means to be an athlete: hard work, focus and dedication to the team's success. I'd recommend the program to anyone that has decided to engage in youth sports as part of their son's personal growth and is looking for the best indoor lacrosse program in town”… Sy Nayman, Parent.

“I cannot begin to tell you how much this experience has meant to him and our entire family.  This was, and is an experience that none of us will ever forget.  I have seen Garrett grow exponentially as a lacrosse player in the past year but more importantly I have seen him grow as a young man.  I have seen the lessons that you have taught him on the field have a direct correlation to the decisions he makes on a daily basis.  Your coaching style is very much appreciated, teaching the boys that teamwork, sportsmanship, and having fun are much more important than winning and losing (although the winning is nice).  You have created an environment for the boys that makes them want to play well for themselves as well as their teammates. I don't know if there is anything in the world that Garrett would rather do than play lacrosse”…  Curt Breeling, Parent.

“Knox had a wonderful experience this year with the Jr Mammoth.  He really felt like the indoor game sharpened his outdoor skills as well.  The trip to Canada was a great experience that he will always remember.  The camaraderie of the team was very good and what a great group of parents/families.  Being @ Nike for 14 years, I've been involved in and seen a lot of youth sports activities/teams…this Jr Mammoth experience certainly ranks as one of the best”... Richard Dent, Parent, goalie.

“Enjoyment does not begin to describe what playing lacrosse means to Duncan. At ten years old he has had a number of memorable experiences but none greater than the most recent opportunity to play for Steve Govett on the Jr. Mammoth.  The smile on Duncan’s face when he learned that he would be playing in the Jack Crosby Memorial Tournament in Vancouver, BC, was overwhelming. The moments that meant the most to him weren’t the winning of each game but the hanging out with his team at the pool or singing crazy songs in the locker room before and after the games.  Duncan has been on other teams with other coaches. We mean no disrespect to them when saying “Steve Govett, along with both Bill Hall and Bill Edell, are amazing”. The type of men they are helping turn these young boys into is exciting to watch. The values being instilled on the field are no different than those we are trying to instill at home”…  Jodie Cross, Parent

I know some of you have participated in the program in the past, we have completely changed the format and personnel. 

We began the existing program with the Parker Indoor Lacrosse League that starts in September, this was a great introduction to the indoor game and provided a glimpse of what the indoor game had to offer.  There were a limited amount of practices that helped transition the boys into the nuances of indoor lacrosse and how it fit with the skills of the outdoor game.  Highlands Ranch provides for a League in the Winter time from January through March that was a nice training ground as it was more games on weekends with one night a week to practice. 

Following the two indoor Leagues the boys went to play for their respective club teams in the spring, we brought the players back together after the Jamboree to play in the Colorado Cup as an outdoor team and melted the two forms of the game (indoor and outdoor) together. 

The experience culminated in the trip to Vancouver in July, we prepared for two weeks prior to departing for what became a week long experience in Canada for our boys to play the game of “box lacrosse” at the highest level.

The Aug. 21st weekend of 2010 will mark the first indoor lacrosse tournament at Pepsi Center, aptly named the “2010 Junior Mammoth Invitational”, 10 teams from around Denver will compete at the novice level throughout the weekend.  We have already sparked great interest around the National Lacrosse League with the concept and have already begun to gain momentum towards a National Lacrosse League Junior tournament next summer at three age levels with all the NLL teams from across North America represented by Junior programs.  Very exciting!!!

Indoor lacrosse for youth lacrosse players is providing a unique opportunity to develop tremendous fundamental skills that will translate into better more technically sound outdoor players.  There is a reason that the majority of the top NCAA scorers have a background in indoor lacrosse.  The Junior Mammoth program is designed to supplement the spring outdoor season and create enhancement to the game while providing the unique opportunity to compete in some amazing tournaments with life changing experiences outside of the US.

With the recent success of the Junior Mammoth Novice aged team (9 and 10 year olds), we have decided to create an additional two teams for the Pee Wee and Bantam age levels as well.  Novice for 2011 is for players born in 2002 and 2001, Pee Wee is for players born in 1999 and 2000, Bantam is for players born in 1997 and 1998.  We are planning now for next summer and are exploring Canadian tournaments that will be available to the boys along with the exciting opportunity to compete against the youth of the NLL cities best!!

Currently, we are looking to field several indoor teams in the Highlands Ranch Winter Indoor Lacrosse League beginning in January  See details in the registration page. 

Mammoth Head Coach, Bob Hamley will coach the Bantam age level kids with Mammoth GM coaching the Pee Wee age level. Both are looking foward to a great experience with the boys.

Monday, November 15
Junior Mammoth North of the Border


Originally posted on coloradomammoth.com on 7/19/10

Having enjoyed such great success state-side, the Junior Mammoth recently decided to take its game north of the border to try its luck against some of Canada’s best young box lacrosse players.

As it turned out, the country may have been foreign, but the result was as familiar as home as the team cruised to an undefeated record and championship title in the Jack Crosby Memorial Tournament in Burnaby, British Columbia.

Despite being outsiders to the box lacrosse culture in Canada as the only team from the United States, the Junior Mammoth quickly adapted to a tournament field that included teams from the Burnaby area, Oakville, Ontario and Vancouver Island, British Columbia.

“Our first game was against Burnaby and it really took our guys a period or so to figure out what was okay for them to do,” said Mammoth assistant general manager and Junior Mammoth coach Bill Hall. “Once they got settled in, their athleticism and speed and conditioning were as good as anyone in the tournament though.”

The Junior Mammoth also played two exhibition field lacrosse games, defeating a Burnaby team and a team from New Westminster before taking on its box opponents.

“Our concerns going into the tourney were seeing how the boys would adapt to the differences in goaltending and all the defensive contact of the box games,” said Hall. “It turned out that both our goalies, Knox Dent and Chandler Nayman, played excellent. As far as contact and defense were concerned, once they saw what other teams did to them, we didn’t have a game within five goals.”

The tournament marks the end of the road for the current Junior Mammoth squad which will be split into two teams as half of the team moves up to the next age division.

Hall says the Junior Mammoth plans to continue fielding teams and will look to expand into the various age divisions in order to continue teaching Colorado youth the value of box lacrosse.

“I think getting these kids box experience now will benefit them greatly in the field game in regard to their stick handling and shooting on a smaller goal. You see the success of those growing up playing this game at the collegiate level so I can only surmise that this would help our kids at the club, high school and hopefully college levels.”

Success on the field is not all the Junior Mammoth gained this season though.

“The most important thing for us is that the kids had a great experience, learned the game a little better, and made some really great friendships along the way,” said Hall.