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Coaches Web Site Administration Manual - Cheat Sheet
How to get into the administration area to update the web site:
Log onto www.eteamz.com/junior chargers.
Click on the "admin" link at the lower left of the home page.
enter your user name and password and click "go".
The administration home page will now appear with folders on the left.

There are four main folders that you will need to manage team info:
1. "Teams" folder: Click on this folder if you want to add a team you are playing to the web site. After you add the team, you can then go to the next step to add a scheduled game with that team to your schedule.

2. "Gymnasium sites" folder: Click on this folder to add a game location. You may find this useful since parents may need to get directions to away tournaments. All you have to add is the correct address and a map will appear next to the sceduled game on the web site.

3. "5th-8th Schedules" folder: Click on this folder to add a scheduled game or practice, or to enter the score and statistics of a game. You'll have to play around a little bit to get used to this folder. Once the score of a game has been entered, you may then enter individual statistics by clicking on the "stats" link.

4. "Jr. Charger News" folder: Click on this folder to write articles about your team and tournament results. You can also edit articles and post who made your team by clicking on the edit pencil and adding the information.

Please remember, if you have any information that you would like on the web site and you don't have time to post it or just want the web master to post it, please send the information via e-mail to garusch@aol.com so it can be posted. This includes information like player rosters and player information, pictures, news articles, game schedules and locations, and other information.

Friday, March 6
Jr. Charger Playbook Sheet
Handout: Jr. Charger Playbook Sheet

Friday, October 5
Jr.Charger Coaches Handbook 2012

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