Junior Chargers Boys Basketball: Bylaws

Monday, November 1
Junior Charger Constitution and Bylaws
Junior Charger Basketball Club Constitution

1.        Name - The Organization shall be known as the “Junior Charger Youth Basketball”.
2.        History and Mission Statement - In the fall of 2000 at a youth basketball camp, KML Boys Varsity Basketball Coach Todd Jahns encouraged Federation parents to develop a youth basketball program for kids within the Federation. That winter Glenn Rusch took a team of these kids and entered them into several local tournaments. Several years later, the program has now grown to include 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th, grade teams. In addition, the Junior Chargers also host a tournament at KML in spring. Although the Junior Chargers have no affiliation with KML, they enjoy a cooperative relationship with KML, its coaches, and its activities personnel.

The mission of the Junior Charger program is simple: The Junior Chargers wish to provide boys, and possibly at a later time, girls, in grades 5 – 8 from within the same area, the opportunity to develop the skills and abilities necessary to play the game of basketball at a higher level in a Christian environment. In addition, the Junior Chargers also wish to promote KML through the development of Christian fellowship on the team. Included along with the mission statement are several goals, which the program strives to achieve.
a.        The Junior Chargers wants to challenge kids to reach their full potential.
b.        The Junior Chargers wish to develop the advanced skills of young basketball players, while attempting to win.
c.        The Junior Chargers accept nothing less than the highest level of sportsmanship as we represent our Lord and Savior.
d.        The Junior Chargers encourages parents to maintain a high standard of academic performance while participating in the program.
e.        The Junior Chargers ask that players commit to regular attendance at practice or games, but we recognize and respect the fact that school and family conflicts may exist.
3.        Principal Office – The principal office shall be located at the home or business office of the elected President of the club. This location shall be kept current by the Secretary and published through the minutes of the club.
4.        Membership – The Junior Chargers will recognize the following classes of members:
a.        Board Members – Board Members will be elected by the Board of Directors. There shall be a minimum of five members and a maximum of ten members. Board Members will serve a one-year term, may be elected to subsequent and consecutive terms, and will settle all matters related to the Junior Chargers program by majority vote. 50% of the board members shall constitute a quarum. All board members will have one vote, and may vote in proxy to a written motion. The Board of Directors may consist of as many members as deemed fit by order of the General Membership at the annual meeting, but will consist of at least four Board Members. Note – as of February 1st, 2004, the current voting board members and officers who have generally been accepted by election, participation, or appointment are as follows: Glenn Rusch – President, Dave Klumb – Treasurer, Terry Koth - Secretary, Andy Hoenecke, Todd Jahns - Advisor, Bill Mantz, Joel Wetzel, Steve Zimmerman.
b.        General Members – General Members consist of all those parents of players, appointed coaches, and other adults who volunteer or advise the Junior Chargers on a regular basis.
c.        Player Members – Players consist of all players who are on a current roster of any team operated by the Junior Chargers. Player members will have no voting rights within the Junior Chargers.
5.        Meetings – All meetings held by Board Members shall be conducted under Robert’s Rules of Order. These meetings shall cover at least these items in their order of business:
a.        Roll Call
b.        Reading, correction, and adoption of minutes of preceding meeting.
c.        Reports of Officers
d.        Reports of Committees
e.        The regular Election of Officers, Chairs and other elective positions at the annual meeting only.
f.        Old Business
g.        New Business
h.        Resolutions and Orders.
i.        Adjournment
6.        Types of Meetings
a.        Annual Meeting - The Board of Directors will hold one annual meeting to be held in October and scheduled by the President, to elect its board of directors. At this meeting, the President shall present a report to the General Membership of the state of the Junior Chargers Basketball Club. The Treasurer should also present a year-end financial statement at this meeting in relation to the budget. The Secretary shall notify the General Members of such meeting by mail at least two weeks prior to the scheduled meeting. One-half of the Board Members shall be present to constitute a quorum for this annual meeting.
b.        Board Meetings – Any Board Member may call a Board Meeting, but the President should call most regular business meetings. The Board of Directors will elect its own officers at a meeting to be held immediately after the annual meeting. The Board may meet as often as necessary to conduct ordinary business. One-half of the elected board members must be present to constitute a quorum. Board Members should be given at least one week’s notice prior to the scheduled meeting, unless the Board needs to assemble for a special meeting.
7.        Officers – The Board of Directors shall elect the following officers:
a.        President – The President shall call regular board meetings, prepare agenda’s for these meetings, and chair these meetings. The president may also appoint committee chairs to conduct the normal business of the club. Only the President may, upon approval of the Board of Directors, enter into written contracts or agreements other than normal purchase agreements and arrangements.
b.        Vice President – The Vice President shall, in temporary absence of the President, assume all of the responsibilities of the President except for appointing committee chairs. In permanent absence or resignation of the President, the Vice President shall assume all of the responsibilities of the President until next year’s Board Meeting to elect officers.
c.        Treasurer – The Treasurer shall, under the direction of the President, prepare an annual budget, which should reflect the will of the Board. The Board shall approve this budget at the first Board Meeting following the election meeting and prior to player registration. The Treasurer shall also present a report at every General or Board meeting. The Treasurer shall also keep a checking account to deposit funds and pay bills and keep receipts and invoices for verification.
d.        Secretary – The Secretary shall keep an accurate record of the meetings conducted by the General Membership and the Board of Directors. These minutes shall be kept at the office of the President, but may be published to the General Members. The Secretary shall also keep record of the General Members and shall notify them of the annual meeting. The Secretary must also notify General Members of any Special General Membership meetings called by the these members.
e.        Advisor – The head varsity boys basketball coach shall be the advisor to the Junior Chargers. The advisor should see to it that the Junior Chargers comply with the will of KML, its activities director, and the general direction of the basketball program.
8.        Board Member Resignation, Termination, and Absence – A Board Member may resign by presenting written notice to the President. Only the General Membership may terminate a Board Member at a Special General Membership meeting, unless it is determined by the Board that the Board Member has missed too many meetings due to unexcused or excused absences. Vacancies on the Board of Directors shall only be filled if the vacancy of a Board position causes the number of Board Directors to fall below four. Vacancy of an officer’s position shall be filled by election of a current Board Member by the Board of Directors.
9.        Compensation Policy – No board member shall receive compensation for serving the Junior Charger Basketball Club. Compensation, revenue, or profit received from the Junior Chargers by a Board Member, family member of a Board Member, or business owned or operated by Board Member or family member should be disclosed to the Board of Directors prior to acceptance. Reimbursement for normal business expenses approved by the Board is acceptable.
10.         Amendments – Upon two-thirds majority vote, the Board of Directors may adopt amendments to this Constitution.

Junior Charger Basketball Club Bylaws

1.        Overview – The Club has formed these bylaws through meeting minutes and common practice. All those Board, General, and Player Members should abide by these bylaws to the best of their ability. Failure to do so may result in sanction by the Club.
2.        Teams – the Junior Charger Basketball Club shall organize teams for boys or girls at the 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th grade levels. The level of interest at each gender and age group and shall determine the number of teams the Club will operate. These teams will participate in tournament play and may practice a few times before the conclusion of the KML Federation Grade School Regular Season. These practices are not mandatory until the conclusion of their grade school tournament.
3.        Players – Each team will consist of not less than 10 players, unless participation interest or talent level is insufficient. Teams will consist of no more than 12 players. No alternates will be selected. Players selected for the Junior Chargers will conduct themselves appropriately and will be subject to the Code of Conduct of the Club. Playing time will be determined by the head coach and may not be equal for all players.
4.        Players Code of Conduct – Players must notify coaches if they are to miss practice or games. Since playing time is earned, unexcused absences or excessive excused absences will likely cause a loss of minutes or other discipline by the coach. Players will show respect to their teammates, coaches, and opponents at all times. Those who conduct themselves in a fashion that disrespects the Junior Charger program, their parents, themselves, or Christ, will be subject to discipline by the head coach or the Board of Directors, which could result in suspension or removal from the program.
5.        Parents Code of Conduct – Parents of players shall conduct themselves as adults and as Christians. This includes attending church on a regular basis, demanding acceptable grades for players, and showing proper sportsmanship to other teams, coaches, players, and parents. Those parents who do not show good sportsmanship may be asked to leave games or tournaments. The Board of Directors also reserves the right to expel those parents from attending future tournaments until counseling has been obtained. A parent may be reinstated after a formal apology is issued and the board feels that the parent is remorseful. Additional occurrences may be cause for removal of the player from the Club by the Board of Directors without reimbursement of registration fees. Parents will also be required to volunteer their time during the Junior Charger Tournament upon reasonable request by the Tournament Director.
6.        Coaches – The advisor shall recruit or cause to be recruited head and assistant coaches for each grade level and gender. The President should consult with the varsity basketball coach at KML for that gender during this process. The head varsity basketball coach should provide handbooks to these head coaches. Head coaches should commit to operating their teams under the direction of these handbooks, the varsity head coach, and the philosophies taught within the program. Upon recommendation from the President, the Board of Directors must approve these coaches prior to appointment. The Head Coach shall be responsible for conducting an adequate, but not excessive amount of practices. Head Coaches will also prepare and recommend a tournament schedule to the Board for approval. Head Coaches are responsible for all communication to their players and parents and are invited and encouraged to attend all Board Meetings. Coaches are not automatically considered board members, but may serve on the board if elected by the General Membership. Coaches shall also be subject to the coaches Codes of Conduct. Failure to comply with the above coaching guidelines may result in sanction or removal from the program, upon proper disciplinary procedure as set forth in the constitution.
7.        Coaches Code of Conduct – Head and Assistant Coaches shall conduct themselves as adults and as Christians. They are to be an example for young Christian student athletes at all times. This includes proper sportsmanship and temperament, especially during tournaments towards opponents, fans, and officials. Those coaches who do not conduct themselves by these Codes may be asked by the Board of Directors to leave games or tournaments. Additional occurrences may be cause for removal of the coach from the Club by the Board of Directors
8.        Tryouts – The Club will conduct at least one tryout prior to Christmas and will publish this tryout date to KML Federation Grade Schools at least one month prior to the first tryout date. Tryouts will be held at KMLHS and will test student’s basketball skill levels through drills and scrimmages. Those players who are selected for the Junior Chargers will have their names posted on the Junior Charger web site.
9.        Registration and Fees – Shortly after players are selected for the team, a mandatory meeting will be held for parents and players. At this meeting, players will be briefed on the Junior Charger program and players will be fitted for uniforms and given player conduct rules. A registration fee to be determined by the Board of Directors may be collected from parents at this time. The Board shall encourage those families who need financial assistance with the registration fee to speak to the Treasurer. The Treasurer may allow these families to make payment arrangements or recommend to the Board a waiver or reduction of the fee.
10.        Uniforms – The Club shall provide adequate uniforms for players. This includes shorts and top. The Club may also provide warm ups and sweat pants for all players as funds allow. Depending on the financial situation of the Club, the Board will decide each year if all or part of the uniforms will be kept by the player or retained at the end of the year by the club. Uniforms will promote the Junior Charger name and logo, but may also contain advertising from a sponsor or sponsors as approved by the Board of Directors.
11.        Sponsors – The Club may obtain sponsors for its teams or tournaments. The Board of Directors shall approve these sponsors. Funds from these sponsors shall be directed to the general fund, but upon request by the sponsor, may be earmarked for certain uniform items, equipment, or tournaments, provided they are disbursed evenly throughout the program. The Board of Directors shall determine what sponsorships are in the best interest of the entire program and shall set pricing and advertising policy guidelines each year regarding types and levels of sponsors. These different sponsors shall be referred to as:
a.        Club sponsorships – Includes warm-up advertising, tournament program advertising, and web-site advertising benefits.
b.        Tournament program sponsorships – Includes program advertising benefits.
c.        Web site sponsorships – Includes web site banner advertising benefits
12.        Equipment – The Club shall provide adequate equipment to each team so that it may conduct proper practices and warm-ups prior to tournaments. Each team shall receive equal and appropriate equipment for its gender and age level.
13.        Practice – After the conclusion of the KMLHS Federation Grade School basketball tourney, players will be required to attend practice. The President of the Club will arrange a master schedule with the Activities Director at KML for these practices, which the coach at each level may or may not utilize. These practices will be held primarily at KMLHS, but from time to time may be scheduled off-site. Player’s performance and attendance at practice are critical for maximizing playing time. Practices may be scheduled prior to the conclusion of the Federation Grade School season, but attendance is not mandatory and players should not miss grade school team functions for these sessions. Every attempt should be made by players to attend these practices.
14.        Tournaments – After the conclusion of the KMLHS Federation Grade School basketball seasons, the Junior Chargers will participate in weekend tournaments. The Board of Directors and the coaching staff will jointly determine the number and location of tournaments for which each grade level and gender will participate based on funds and other factors. No maximum limit will be set. The tournament season will generally take place during the months of February, March and April. The Board of Directors may approve special date requests outside of these months. Teams may travel out of the area for tournaments, but the Club will not reimburse costs incurred by parents for travel and lodging. Coaches should keep this in mind and make sure that a majority of the parents are in favor of travel out of the area.
15.        Junior Charger Tournament – With the cooperation of KMLHS and/or other local grade schools, the Club will attempt to host at least one local “Junior Charger Tournament”.   The tournament will be held primarily at KMLHS, schedule permitting, as well as other local grade schools. Public and private “school district” teams will be invited and will be charged a registration fee to be determined by the Board of Directors. No AAU or all-star teams shall participate. A concession stand will be open at each tournament site. Funds raised from this tournament shall go to the general fund. The tournament format will be determined each year by the board depending on the times available and number of teams that are being run by the Club. The President may appoint a tournament director to oversee tournament operations.
16.        Web Site – The Club will operate and maintain a web site and appoint a web master. The web site will be property of the Club. Prior to appointing a web master, the web master will agree that the web site is property of the Club and will forward all funds generated by the web site immediately to the Treasurer. Funds received from advertising will be deposited into the Club’s general fund. The Board may reimburse the web master for normal approved operating expenses. The web site shall provide information pertinent only to the Junior Charger program. The web site may contain advertising that must be approved by the Board of Directors. The Board will monitor this web site for acceptable content.

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