Junior Chargers Boys Basketball: Mission Statement

In the fall of 2000 at a youth basketball camp, KML Boys Varsity Basketball Coach Todd Jahns encouraged Federation parents to develop a youth basketball program for students within the Federation. That winter, Glenn Rusch took a team of those students and entered them into several local tournaments. Several years later, the program has now grown to include 5th, 6th, 7th, and 8th, grade teams. In addition, the Junior Chargers also host a tournament at KML in spring. Although the Junior Chargers have no affiliation with KML High School, they enjoy a cooperative relationship with KML, its coaches, and its activities personnel.

The mission of the Junior Charger program is simple: The Junior Chargers wish to provide boys, in grades 5 – 8 from within the KML Federation, the opportunity to develop the skills and abilities necessary to play the game of basketball at a higher level in a Christian environment. In addition, the Junior Chargers also wish to promote KML through the development of Christian fellowship on the team. Included along with the mission statement are several goals, which the program strives to achieve.

The Junior Chargers wish to push athletes to reach their full potential.
The Junior Chargers wish to develop basic fundamental skills of young basketball players, while attempting to win.
The Junior Chargers accept nothing less than the highest level of sportsmanship as we represent our Lord and Savior.
The Junior Chargers insist that student athletes be working to the best of their abilities in the classroom.
The Junior Chargers ask that players and their families commit to being present regularly, but recognize and respect the fact that school and family conflicts exist.

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