John Mendez Baseball Park: Welcome

Thursday, January 29
Harbor Community Development Corporation Announcement

Dear Parents, Family & Friends,

I am writing to all of you with many regrets to advise you that after 40 years, the Harbor Community Development Corporation ("HCDC"), will no longer be offering a Spring Baseball program at John Mendez Park. Normally around this time of year, you would be receiving a flyer containing registration information for the 2015 season but this is not the case. I am hopeful that all of you who have supported the HCDC program over the last few years will find a baseball or softball program that meets you childs baseball development needs.

Unfortunately, Warren E&P as of mid-2013 changed administrations. With the previous President, we were promised 5 year contracts for as long as we wanted to operate the park. The current President decided to end this contract period a year and a half early. They felt a chanbge was needed and gave very little details and no discussion as to why. With the help of the council office. they hand picked a new so called "management team" made up of individuals with questionable ability and people skills to manage any type of program. This was a political decision all the way and is related to the installation of a new flare needed on the drilling site to burn excess methane gas. At one point it was suggested that the park be moved to a different location. Why or if it is dangerous or related to the installation of the flare , I do not know. But what I do know is that you make sure that whoever is in charge of the park upholds the PONY Baseball national intent. That is, Protect Our Nations Youth (PONY). If you have any concerns or complaints as to how your program is being operated, you can contact Warren E&P directly at:

Warren E&P, 100 Oceangate, Suite 950, Long Beach, CA 90802, Jessica Bradley, Land Servces Tel (562) 685-9069   email address:

Warren Resources, Inc., 105 West 3rd St., Suite 303, Roswell, NM 88201, Ellis G. Vickers, Vice-President

I and those who helped out over the years are truly grateful for your support and involvement throughout the years at John Mendez Park serving the communities of Wilmington, Carson, Harbor City, Lomita and San Pedro.


Ray Madrigal

Harbor Community Development Corporation 

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