John Marshall Volleyball: How to Prepare

Friday, January 4
Before, During, and After the Clinic

Before Camp:

Before  camp, please make sure your camper gets a good sized, healthy breakfast. We will be doing a lot of
physical activity, so they will need their energy. 

On the first day of the clinic, please come inside with your child and fill out any remaining paperwork as well as designate your "pick up" person for the week. We will only release campers to designated people at the end of the
day, so this step is very important. You can expidite this process by sending in your Emergency Medical Form, found
under the "Handouts" tab, with your registration. If you register and pay online, you will not need to fill out an Emergency Medical Form. 

Send your camper to the clinic with a water bottle they can refill as the camp goes on.

During Camp:

You are welcome to stay and watch your camper during the clinic.  However, there will be no provided seating. All courts will be used for the clinic. 

Please dress your child athletically. Shorts, tennis shoes, t-shirt are appropriate. 

Campers wearing flip flops, sandals, boots, or any other non tennis shoe footwear will not be permitted to participate
in camp that day, and no refund will be offered. Tennis shoes should also be clean and dry. Volleyball specific tennis shoes are not required, but suggested. 

Our gym tends to get warm, shorts are a better option than pants. Also, players can trip or get caugth up while wearing pants to practice. Jeans, slacks, skirts, or jean skirts are not appropriate. Shorts should not extend below the knee.

T-shirts should be regular shirts. Please no cut-offs (sleeves, neckline or stomach). Tank tops are okay, but not suggested. T-shirts with the camper's name on them are an awesome help for the camp counselors. 

Knee pads are suggested but not required. Older girls will be learning to properly go to the floor for a ball, and the knee pads help them physically and mentally get used to the process.  

We will be selling headbands and other volleyball apparel at our camp. Campers will get a camp T-shirt included in their total cost of attendance, but can also purchase additional apparal. We will have the "store" open all three days, but may run out of items.  


After Camp:

Please come inside the gym to pick up your child. We will not release your child to the parking lot without seeing you or the designated pick up person.  This is for your child's safety.

After camp on the final day, we invite you and your family into the gym for a brief awards ceremony and skills competition. The campers will get to show off what they have learned that week.

We hope our camp sparks a love of volleyball in your child. After camp is completed, we encourage you to play volleyball with your daughter at home, join your middle school's team, and come to some of John Marshall's volleyball games to see the camp counselors in action.

Remember, 7 days without volleyball makes one WEAK.