Athlete Advantage: About Us

Sunday, June 26
Who We Are

Our Mission

To equip athletes to be successful in sport and life. Success is not simply a result. Success can occur throughout the learning process if you continue to challenge yourself and apply what you have experienced.        

Effective Teaching

Jeff Stephens has over 20 years as a coach, instructor and business leader. He challenges his current thinking and seeks to learn from others. Instructor knowledge and the ability to apply it are key ingredients but it is just as important to have good rapport between instructor and student. Without this, students are unlikely to risk failing that is a necessary component of growth.     


We use some of them. They can aid the learning process through increased repetitions and precision but we don't build skill development around a tool.


We offer it as part of our services. Similar to the tools we use, video is an aid, allowing the student to see their execution as they progress through the learning process.