Athlete Advantage: Testimonials

Monday, May 16
Some Comments From Our Student Families

“I want to thank you for the time and effort you gave my daughter last night. She was completely engaged and is very enthused to work with you again. "

Hi Coach Stephens,
        I just wanted to tell you that I made the Varsity team! I'm really excited about it. Thank you for all your help during the sessions. My serves are more consistent, and I am more confident with my defense, too. Hope to see you sometime.

 "Initially, my husband and I did not know what to expect. However, when our daughter started training with Jeff, we quickly recognized the value that he was offering relating to her volleyball skill and tactical development. Under his tutelage, she improved her skills and knowledge of the game. He is passionate about teaching the correct fundamentals to a young player. His demeanor and expertise allowed my daughter the opportunity to learn, train and excel at a higher level than she had previously been exposed to in the past. We would strongly recommend Jeff's training to any youth player eager to improve their skills". - Rose

“Athlete Advantage is an excellent resource for the training and development of skills in the sport of volleyball.  Jeff and Ryan worked with our daughter to teach and refine her hitting and defense skills for the 2009-2010 high school volleyball season.  This individual attention, along with the support and encouragement they provide, enhances skills and builds confidence in the players - a winning combination in the sport of volleyball!”    -- Jane C

“Athlete Advantage is a great Lehigh Valley resource for developing skills in volleyball.  Jeff and Ryan accelerated my daughter’s (Kaylee) outside hitting performance for the 2009 club season.  Attention to detail on the mechanics of hitting, an encouraging environment, all at the individual level, builds skills, confidence and only results in the best to offer the game."  – Mark Kraft

“My daughter (Anna) has benefited greatly from her training with AA due to their attention to the fine points of player technique.  The staff corrects players in an encouraging manner that pushes them to be their best.”  - Scott Mease

“Thank you both very much for all the time and effort you gave to supporting Danielle's bid to make the Parkland team.  Your open gyms, hitters camps, defense camp, and club team made a huge difference for her.  Danielle, Christine and I are very grateful for all the support you have given her.  Just wanted to let you know that you made a huge difference for her, and that you run an excellent program as well as Athlete Advantage Company.   Thank you so much again!  We appreciate your program very much!" Ed Pullin (Danielle's father)