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What started as a training device built by a father for his son, has grown into a hitters tool that teams and individuals do not want to be without. The late great Ray DeMarini use to preach "BAT SPEED, BAT SPEED, BAT SPEED!!! Why? It is simple more bat speed equals more distance. Do you want more bat speed?
The other benefit I found is just RAW POWER. Do you want to see the ball rip through the infield? Do you like it when infielders fight over not wanting to position themselves where you hit? Two words Jim_mer Stick. The warm-up bat you take BP with. 
Come in, look around! If you would like more details such as sizes and weights go to Facebook and look up Jimmer Stick or look me up also on FB Aaron Gillman .  I love this tool so much I became a rep. You will not be contacted unless you specifically ask to be contacted. 


Low,Low,Low Price

$50... WHY SO LOW? Jimmer believes as I do, we like to help our Brothers and Sisters in baseball/softball.

For a limited time only buy one Jim_mer Stick from the Florida Division (from me) and the second is $5 off.

Friday, December 24
MLB has them WHY NOT US ?

Actually MLB has had this training tool for a while Phillies, Mets and Yankees come to mind. Softball needs this tool !  Click on the Headline to go to my facebook page.


What Fire

Who said that America has gotten away from "Hand Made" ? Remember when it meant something to be Made in America ? What am I swinging? JIM_MER STICK !

What is a Jim_mer Stick? I like to call it my "turn back the hands of time stick". It is a unique design of steel rod welded by Jimmer Brown himself. The unique thing is you take BP with this HEAVY warm up bat. Swinging this beast in BP, then going to your gamer you see IMMEDIATE RESULTS. I have never been so pumped about a training tool!!! Not only do you gain hand eye coordination because of size of the barrel ( about half the size of a softball bat) you gain hand, wrist and forearm strength from the weight. On the end of your Jim_mer Stick is a knob just like your bat. If you like the smaller knob (like Combat) we can do that too, at no additional cost. I say we because, when I tested the Jim_mer Stick and saw the results I had speak with the Master Craftsman. I was really impressed Jimmer has the same concept as I do. We really like to help our brother and sisters in softball.  I asked if Jimmer had a Rep in Florida. When he said no, I said  "YOU DO NOW".

Coming to a tourniment near you.


To Order : agillman50@hotmail.com