Lehigh Valley Church Softball League: Welcome

Monday, February 11





2019 Preseason Board Meetings:

Tues 3/12/19 (due - insurance certificate, registration form and league fee) 

Tues 4/23/19

All meetings are at Trinity Wesleyan (7pm). All teams should be represented.


2019 regular season begins Mon 4/29/19. 





The Handouts link has many useful documents to share w/ your team! Ground rules, League Bylaws, and Banned Bats just to name a few...

Maps to all fields are also available under the Field Locations link. Printable schedule under Handouts.

 Mission Statement: The purpose of the LVCSL is to glorify God in our fellowship, and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ while playing organized softball. Each player glorifies God with his mouth by speaking holy annd uplifting words, with his actions as representatives of God's kingdom on earth, and with his heart by sharing God's love and the Good News of Jesus Christ with those who don't know him as their personal Lord and Savior. 

Updating your scores on the website

* Click on the red ADMIN on the top right side of the web-site (leaders should have an ADMIN password for their teams...email web administrator if you need an ETEAMZ password)

* After signed in, the website may default you to the league homepage.  Click on the ADMIN link again at the top right side of the web-site 

* Click on: CALENDERS from the menu on the left

* Under Calenders click SCORES

* Click on Fellowship link in the center screen under "division"

* Scrole through game listings to find your specific matchup, then click the PENCIL image on the right side

* Enter the Game Score and click on "UPDATE GAME".

* Be sure to enter both game results (shown as 6:15pm for the first game and 7:15pm for the second game)  

How to make schedule changes for your team....(re-scheduling games, reserving fields, etc) - As a team administrator, you can make changes to only your team's games (date, time, location).

Remember - fields are not available every night. Just because a game isn't scheduled at a field on a specific night dosen't mean it is available to be used. Coaches must verify with the Lehigh County permits, church office for church field or the LOC before moving a game to a previously unscheduled field. 

* Click on CALENDAR - Games
* Click on the Pencil to edit a game
* Change the date and field, and click UPDATE...be sure to do this for both the 6:15 and 7:15 game!!!

ETEAMZ Options- You can have your team's own website within the ETEAMZ website. Click on your team...you should be the team administrator, so you can do ANYTHING you want to keep your church and team members up to date...pictures, statistics....it's up to you!!!!

Contact Info for Field Changes During the Season:

Trinity Wesleyan: (610) 398-1711 Contact church office with any schedule change that impacts their field. Please first check schedule on website to verify not already booked then check to make sure it is OK with the church. The Trinity Wesleyan field is not available on Wednesday nights.

Bethany Wesleyan: 610-767-1239 Call the office with any schedule change that impacts their field. Before scheduling games and checking with the church for availability, please ensure a game is not already scheduled on the website. The Bethany Wesleyan field is not available on Wednesday nights.

Just a friendly reminder that both captains must agree for any schedule change to occur and the website must be updated.

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