Jesse Burkett Little League: Handouts

Little League School Enrollement Form

To be completed if your child lives outside our district, but attends school within our district.

School Enrollement FormSchool Enrollement Form

2018 Volunteer Application

2018 Volunteer Application.pdf2018 Volunteer Application.pdf

2018 League Age Chart - Baseball

2018 League Age Chart - Baseball.pdf2018 League Age Chart - Baseball.pdf

2018 League Age Chart Softball

2018 League Age Chart - Softball.pdf2018 League Age Chart - Softball.pdf

Jesse Burkett constitution


Jesse Burkett Little League Standards of Conduct

The Jesse Burkett Little League Board of Directors has adopted standards of conduct for all participants in the Jesse Burkett Little League. Those standards are spelled out below for players, parents, managers, coaches, volunteers, Umpires and the Little League Board of Directors. It is in the interest of all participants to understand and comply with these standards. Any question about these standards should be raised with members of the Board.


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