Jesse Burkett Little League: Welcome



A winning ticket will be drawn each day from May 15th through June 15th 

  • The boys Jesse Burkett pullover is won by selling 15 tickets
  • The girls Jesse Burkett pullover is won by selling 15 tickets
  • A Jesse Burkett T-shirt is won by selling 10 tickets
  • If each player on your team sells a ticket (100% team participation), your team will get to have a slushy party at the snack shack after a game or practice (each player gets a slushy).

The Jesse Burkett pullovers and tshirt will be in each of the Shacks so the kids have a visual incentive.  If anyone needs more tickets they are available at both Shacks as well. All raffle tickets/money can be turned in at any shack.

May 15th $100.00 Raffle Winner- Crystal Gniadek-Sold by Emma Gniadek of O'Brien & Gibbons

May 16th $100.00 Raffle Winner-Annette Rafferty-Sold by Ciaran McNamara of Coghlin

May 17th $200.00 Raffle Winner-Rachel Henry-Sold by Jason Henry of Dick's Sporting Goods 

May 18th $100.00 Raffle Winner-Kevin Fulginiti-Sold by Andrew Debs of CP Sherr

May 19th $100.00 Raffle Winner-Gary Mills-Sold by Tom Brenner of the Red Sox

May 20th $100.00 Raffle Winner-Angela Sheehen-Sold by John Demers of Herlihy Insurance 

May 21st $100.00 Raffle Winner- Sharon Chabot- Sold by Connor Chabot of Cariglia Law 

May 22nd $100.00 Winner- Karey Curley-Sold by Leigh Porcaro of Strategic Accounting

May 23rd $200.00 Winner-Kristin Herlihy-Sold by Dolly Herlihy of Ameripride 

May 24th $100.00 Winner-Sean McCrann-Sold by Jack McCrann of JJ Bafaro

May 25th $100.00 Winner-Emily Gahagan-Sold by Sophia Gahagan of Millbrook Lumber 

May 26th $100.00 Winner-Kathleen Palumbo-Sold by Connor Sotiropulos of Coghlin Electric 

May 27th $100.00 Winner-Tony Scola-Sold by Meredith Kapacziewski of Mill St. Motors 













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