Jesse Burkett Little League: Welcome

Wednesday, May 25

  Many players are still turning tickets into us that could not make it down to the snack shacks this past weekend.  Keeping that in mind, we are giving families a chance to bring tickets down before we draw the first names.

On Friday, May 27th, we will draw the first five names and post them online.

All winners will first be posted to our Instagram Account which is:


The website will be updated a few days later after they are posted to Instagram. 

Congratulations to Andrew Whittemore of Dick's Sporting Goods for turning in the most tickets over the past week, "27" and winning the Red Sox tickets provided by our Sponsor Fidelity Bank.

Thank you Andrew for all your hardwork!


Team Leaders in Ticket Sales

Coghlin Electric (Majors LL) 165 tickets - 250% of their Goal Met

Superior Waste (AAA Baseball) 123 Tickets - 171% of their Goal Met

Strategic Accounting (Majors SB) 122 Tickets - 169% of their Goal Met

Tatnuck Post (Majors LL) 109 Tickets - 165% of their Goal Met

Ameripride (Jr/Sr Softball) 86 Tickets - 130% of their Goal Met

Umass Memorial (Majors SB) 83 Tickets - 115% of their Goal Met 


Congratulations to the first 12 Yr olds entered into this year's
Home Run Derby
Players become eligible by selling at least 10 raffle tickets only! 


Thomas Chacharone - Coghlin Electric

Bubba O'Connor - Tatnuck Post 

Tyler O'Neil - Tatnuck Post

Michael Boutros - Noar's Oil 

Matthew Brown - Coghlin Electric 

Stephen Wessling - Herlihy Insurance 

John Demers - Herlihy Insurance 

Connor Sotiropoulos - Coghlin Electric

Ben Donohue - Pagano Media 

James Busarino - Tatnuck Post 



Congratulations to the following players for earning a hoodie


Kate McCarthy - Umass Memorial
Jacory Acker - JJM Insurance 
Thomas Chacharone - Coghlin Electric
Chase Rich - Next Move Realty
Fiona Faford - Umass Memorial
Haley Hill - Umass Memorial
Bubba O'Connor - Tatnuck Post
William Beard - AA Zamarro
Anthony Catanese - Coghlin Electric
Caleb Cormier - Coghlin Electric
Devin Baker - Hasset & Donelly
Claire Bear - Millbrook Lumber
Emma the Great - Millbrook Lumber
Katlyn Daley - Strategic Accounting
Lily Glass - Strategic Accounting
Maggie O'Connor - Woods Insurance 
Leah Tasse - Strategic Accounting
Julia Cahill - Compass Tavern 
D'Leivy Bautista - Superior Waste
Kaiden Gillette - Superior Waste
Nathan Garry - Superior Waste
Brianna Rawlston - Ameripride
Tyler O'Neil - Tatnuck Post
Max Beard - Servpro
Isabella Caron - Bushel N Peck
Sam Conrad - Next Move Realty
Jordan Conrad - Strategic Accounting 
Dylan Cormier - Bushel N Peck
Riley Cormier - Joeys
Quinn Dowd - Bravo Auto
Josh Eressy - Coghlin Electric
Robert Kniskern - Superior Waste
Luke Lockbaum - Pagano Media
Alex Sevetelli - O'brien and Gibbons
Addison Smith - Fidelity
Leah Tasse - Strategic Accounting
Zachary Conlon - Bravo Auto
Matthew Brown - Coghlin Electric
Josh Eressy - Coghlin Electric
Anayah Ortiz - Compass Tavern
Kevin Aquino - CP Sherr
John Demers - Herlihy Insurance
Brynn Welsh - JJM Insurance
Gracie Granger - Murray & Murray
Christian Porcaro -Noar's Oil
Nora McCarthy - Perfect Game
Savanah French - Pink Ladies
Leigh Porcaro - Strategic Accounting
Aidam Burgoyne - Superior Waste
Cedric Jizmejian - Tatnuck Post
Alyssa Mantzios - Umass Memorial
If you have earned a hoodie, please email right away with your size and we will get that jersey to you within a week.  Thank you for all your efforts! 


Raffle Sales Leaders


Brianna Rawlston - Ameripride -64 
Caleb Cormier - Coghlin Electric - 60
Tyler O'Neil - Tatnuck Post - 40
Katlyn Daley - Strategic Accounting - 34
Bubba O'Connor - Tatnuck Post - 28 
William Beard - AA Zamarro -26
Max Beard - Servpro - 26 
Thomas Chacharone  - Coghlin Electric -26
Jacory Acker - JJM Insurance - 23
Anthony Catanese - Coghlin Electric -20
DLeivy Bautista - Superior Waste -20
Kaiden Gillette -Superior Waste -19
Isabella Caron - Millbrook Lumber -17 
Maggie O'Connor - Millbrook Lumber -17
Claire Bear - Millbrook Lumber -16 
17 others with 15 tickets each round out the leader board! 




The 2016 Burkett Calendar Raffle is underway

Tickets and Money may be turned in to your coach or either Snack Shack on game days.

If you have any questions regarding the calendar raffle, you may reach Nick at  




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