Jersey City Gators: Financial Aid

Friday, April 19


Jersey City Gators Financial Aid

Jersey City Gators is pleased to offer a scholarship program for athletes who are in need of financial assistance in order to participate in football or cheer. This program is available to all youth, and a formal evaluation process will be initiated once the parents or guardians of the player complete and submit an application. The amount of assistance is limited each year and based on availability on a first-come first-serve basis. The Scholarship Committee may have to make qualifying adjustments based on the availability of funds. As part of the scholarship Jersey City Gators will require volunteer hours  and participation in all fundraisers to help with the program (i.e., equipment handout and return, help at the concession stand, etc.) Following this review, the applicant will be notified regarding their eligibility. Financial Aid is granted based on financial need, academic standing and is not based on playing ability. If the athlete is able to make a partial payment of the fees and requires assistance to cover the balance, please indicate the amount that can be paid below. All Scholarship requests are strictly confidential. Information is for the sole purposes of helping the Jersey City Gators Scholarship Committee determine financial aid eligibility and will not be shared with anyone except the Scholarship Committee and the Board of Directors. Below is the link to the required financial aid forms complete it in its entirety and submit along with required paperwork to the address provided.

Player Sponsorship Program

If a participant is found ineligible for the scholarship program they can inquire about our player sponsorships. If you are aware of a local business or corporation that is willing to sponsor your registrations fees click the financial aid link below, print out player sponsorship form and submit it to the business.


***Deadline for all financial aid applications/ sponsorship forms is May 1, 2016***