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Monday, May 18
2015 All Star Draft Information

  • June 4, 7:30pm                 Softball 7 and 8 year olds
  • June 5, 6:00pm                 Baseball 7 and 8 year olds
  • June 5, 7:30pm                 Baseball 9 year olds
  • June 11, 6:00pm                Minor Softball (9 and 10 year olds)
  • June 11, 7:00pm                Major Softball (11 and 12 year olds)
  • June 11, 8:00pm               Junior Softball
  • June 12, 6:00pm               Baseball 10 year olds
  • June 12, 7:00pm               Baseball 11 year olds
  • June 12, 8:00pm               Baseball 12 year olds
  • June 12, 9:00pm               Junior Baseball

Saturday, May 2
Revised PeeWee and TeeBall Schedule

Click here to download

Saturday, May 2
PeeWee and T-Ball Schedule Changes

Here are the changes made to TeeBall and PeeWee Schedule...


  • Tuesday, April 28--Rangers v Braves
  • Tuesday, May 5--Rangers v Cubs 
  • Monday, June 8--Rangers v Braves


  • Wednesday, April 29--Reds v Cubs
  • Wednesday, May 6--Reds v Red Sox
  • Wednesday, June 10--Braves v Cubs 



Tuesday, April 21
Revised Junior Baseball Schedule

Click here for schedule


Monday, January 5
Thank You Paul

The Jeff/GRC Board of Directors would like to extend our appreciation to Paul Northam for the years he has dedicated to the presidency of Jeff/GRC. This fall, Paul decided that it was time to turn the reigns over to a new president. Paul has dedicated so much time and effort to a program that he cares for deeply. While Paul will no longer call the shots as president, you will still hear him calling strike 3 call from behind the plate from time. Paul, we thank you for your service to Jeff/GRC and the little leaguers that have walked through those gates during your tenure here.

Monday, March 9
Game Schedules

Click here for the baseball game schedule

For Junior, PeeWee and Tball schedules, see the new schedules atop this page 


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