Jefferson County (WV) Little League: League Rules

2016 Tee-Ball Managers Guide/Rules

2016 Tee Ball Rules2016 Tee Ball Rules

2015 Minor League A Division Local Rules

2015 Minor A Local Rules2015 Minor A Local Rules

2015 Minor League AA Division Local Rules

2015 Minor AA Local Rules2015 Minor AA Local Rules

2015 Minor League AAA Division Local Rules

2015 Minor AAA Local Rules2015 Minor AAA Local Rules

2015 Major League Local Rules

2015 Major Baseball Local Rules2015 Major Baseball Local Rules

2013 Intermediate Division Rules


2016 JCLL Softball Junior Local Rules

2016 Jr Softball Local Rules2016 Jr Softball Local Rules

2016 JCLL Softball Major Local Rules

2016 Major Softball Local Rules2016 Major Softball Local Rules

2016 JCLL Softball Minor Local Rules

2016 Minor Softball Local Rules2016 Minor Softball Local Rules

2013 Softball Interleague Rules and Pitching Documents






2012 Fall Ball Rules


2016 District 6 Junior Baseball Local Rules

2016 Dist 6 Jr Baseball Rules2016 Dist 6 Jr Baseball Rules

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