Jefferson County (WV) Little League: Fall Season Divisions - Age Bracket

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Rookie Baseball

Major League
The Major League Division is for children of league age 9 to 12. All players MUST try-out for this division. If a player does not try-out, they will not be placed on a team. Once they are chosen for a team, they will stay on that team until they move to Junior League.

Major League Softball
Major League Softball is for girls of league age 9 to 12 years old. Girls will try-out for draft team selections for major division.

Junior League
The Junior League is for players of league age 13 to 14. New players will try-out and be drafted by Managers and Coaches.

Junior League Girls Softball
Junior League Girls Softball is for girls of league age 12 to 14 years old. Girls will try out and be drafted by managers and coaches.

Minor League Softball
Minor League Softball is for ages 7-11.