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JCALL to sponsor 2016 Hit-A-Thon fund raiser
Media Contact: Michael White, 423-956-1461
JOHNSON CITY (March 23, 2013) – Over the last 24 hours, parents of Johnson City American Little League players should have received an e-mail with information regarding the 2016 Hit-A-Thon fund raiser. This is an official funding drive for JCALL this season and we are asking that parents and children in all our divisions actively help us financially support our league.
This is a new fund raiser for the league and will work as follows. Players should ask friends, family (and their parent’s social media followers), to support the Hit-A-Thon by making a “per hit” pledge on the child’s customized Hit-A-Thon webpage link, which was provided in the e-mail. Each team will then designate a time during the year to throw the child 10 pitches. For each hit they have, they will earn money for the league.
Below is an example of how this works:
Little Johnny asks a family member to make a pledge on his official “Hit-A-Thon” website. His family member pledges $1 per hit. Johnny then participates in his team’s 10-pitch Hit-A-Thon practice. Of the 10 pitches Johnny receives, he hits six pitches into play. His family member would then be providing $6 of support to the league.
We are fortunate to have a great league with fantastic parents, kids, coaches, board members and volunteers. To continue to improve our league and provide the best experience for all of us each spring, fund drives like this one are a necessity. We thank each of you in advance for your help with this fund raiser.
JCALL Board of Directors