Jonesboro Baseball Boosters: Handouts

2018 Rec League Rules

2018 Rules 3-4s2018 Rules 3-4s

2018 Rules 5s2018 Rules 5s

2018 Rules 6s2018 Rules 6s

2018 Rules 7s2018 Rules 7s

2018 Rules 8s2018 Rules 8s

2018 Rules 9-10s2018 Rules 9-10s

2018 Rules 11-12s2018 Rules 11-12s

2018 Rules 13-15s2018 Rules 13-15s

6-7 Overthrow Rule6-7 Overthrow Rule

2018 FAQs

2018 JBB FAQs2018 JBB FAQs

2018 Bat Info

2018 Cal Ripken Bat Info2018 Cal Ripken Bat Info


Contains a PDF map of the baseball field locations (and other helpful information) at Joe Mack Campbell park.

2018 JMC Map2018 JMC Map

Five Guys Field LayoutFive Guys Field Layout

Board Meeting Minutes


011817 Board Minutes011817 Board Minutes

022217 Board Minutes022217 Board Minutes

081617 Board Minutes081617 Board Minutes

101817 Board Minutes101817 Board Minutes

030718 Board Minutes030718 Board Minutes