Jardel NorthEast SlowPitch League Philadelphia Pa: Welcome

Sunday, December 21
Welcome to the Jardel Northeast Slow Pitch SoftBall League eTeamz Pages

Welcome to the Jardel Northeast Slow Pitch SoftBall League eTeamz Home Page.

The Jardel Softball league was founded in 1971, and is now in it's 46th year (2016).

 The Jardel NorthEastSlow Pitch League will not have a League in 2016.

 J.N.E.S.P.L. Had a Great Run for 46 Years.

Thanks For All The Memories!

https://sites.google.com/site/thejardelsoftball/      The Latest Link

There were Links to a Champions Page, containing the Champions and the Runner Ups for every year.  The hosting site has been discontinued (AOL Homepage).

They may appear hosted somewhere else in the future.

There is a link to a Teams Page, that contains the Team records by decade information. The Teams of the 70's, 80's, 90's and 2000's.

There is a Franchise Page containing Individual Team and Franchise Names from 1971 to the present.

There is a League History page, containing Yearly Standings and Playoff Results, Umpires throughout the Years, All Star Game Results, and Award information.

There is a Team Records Page containing Every Team's Overall Record for the Regular Season and the Playoff's combined throughout the Years, with winning and playoff statistics and percentages.

There will be a link for memorable Moments and People.

There will also be a Current Standings and Schedule Page.

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Take Me Out to the Ball Game

Tuesday, January 19
2015 Champions Brick House

The 2015 Champion is Brick House over McNallys

Sunday, December 21
2014 League Champions Brick House

Brick House are the 2014 League Champions with wins over Dickey Moes

Sunday, December 21
2013 League Champions Brick House Bar and Grill

Brick House Bar and Grill are the 2013 League Champions with a 3 games to 2 games victory over McNallys

Wednesday, October 3
2012 League Champions Spencers

Spencers are the 2012 League Champions with a 3 games to 1 game victory over Tom Follery's.

Sunday, April 29
2011 League Champions Brick House

Brick House are the 2011 League Champions with a victory over Citizens.

Saturday, August 7
2010 League Champions Brick House

Brick House are the 2010 League Champions with a victory over Bogside.

Sunday, November 8
2009 League Champions BOGSIDE 2

 Bogside 2 are the 2009 League Champions with a victory over Penny Gardens Tavern.

Sunday, November 8
2008 League Champions Ashton Pub

Ashton Pub are the 2008 League Champions with a victory over Penny Gardens Tavern.

Friday, January 11
2007 League Champions Ashton Pub

Ashton Pub are the 2007 League Champions with a victory over Penny Gardens Tavern.

Wednesday, September 20
2006 Champions Penny Gardens Tavern

Penny Gardens Tavern 2006 champions over Rockledge Tavern

2005 League Champions... A & B Contracting

Congratulations to the 2005 League Champions A & B Contracting! 
A & B Contracting 2005 Champions over Penny Gardens.

2004 Champions Penny Gardens over A & B Contracting

Penny Gardens are the 2004 Champions with a victory over A & B Contracting.

14 Teams for the 2004 Season

There are 14 teams playing in the 2004 Season.   Good Luck to all.

2003 Champions Penny Gardens over Red Rooster

Penny Gardens are the 2003 Champions with a victory over Red Rooster.

2003 Semi-Finals

The 2003 Semi Finals are being played this week at Jardel. Good luck to all!

Teams or Players interested in Playing 2003 Season:

There are New teams, and Players looking for a team for the 2003 Season.

Here are a few of them, they are also listed under the Message Board.

(A) Hello, I ran across your site about needing people to play on your softball team and I was wondering if you were still looking. I played for 9 years and it's been a little while since I've been on the field but I'm sure I'm still pretty decent. Please get backt to me when you can.

                      C P (AWorldThatCantBe@aol.com)

(B) Our sponsor is going to be Route 1 Café, and yes I will be the point of contact. Thank you for getting back to me so quickly.
J B (jbauer@capsulecom.com)

(C) The positions I primarily play are 1st and 3rd base. I can also play 2nd Base Catcher, and Outfield . I have played in the Softball America Slow Pitch league in Warrington PA for the past 2 years. I live in Southern New Jersey, so the ride to Warrington became a little too much each week. I am looking for a league a little closer to the Philadelphia area. If you can forward this message on to Mike Boyle, I would greatly appreciate it.

I can be contacted at my email - BigE1273@AOL.COM
or Eric.Mullin@AIG.COM

(D) hi, i'm very interested in joining your league currently we are in the piccoli league and not very happy with the commissioner, our team name is the warriors.

josh s
philadelphia pa. 215-533-4859

(E) Hello,
I am possibly interested in joining my team in this years softball
league. Is there still room available and how much does it cost?
Thanks for your time.
Bill (wgillespie@sjprep.org)

The 2002 Jardel Champions, Penny Gardens

Congratulations to the 2002 Jardel League Champions. Penny Gardens defeated the Red Rooster for the Championship.

Thursday, August 23
The 2001 Jardel League Champions.... Michael's Cafe

Michael's Cafe won the League Championship for 2001. Michael's displayed a tremendous team effort. In any inning, at any time, a Michael's Player always rose to the occasion. Playing stellar defense the entire series; combined with a potent offensive line up; Michael's Cafe deserved this Championship. the Penny Garden's Americans' team often showed No quit, but Michael's Cafe would make a timely play, or get a timely hit to keep the pressure on.
CONGRATULATIONS to a terrific Michael's Cafe team for an outstanding season. Congratulations to the Penny Garden's Americans Team for a great season also.

Let's hear it for the 2001 Jardel League Champions......
Michael's Cafe.

preview wearethechampions[1].mid

Sunday, November 8
What is this site?

 Hello everyone, this site is the result of many years of Jardel Softball.

Although I haven't been active in the Leage since 2001, for the History, and out of respect to the many dedicated people that made Jardel what it is; This page continues.


Tuesday, August 28
Be sure to check the handouts section for many things!

The Handouts section will contain various features and information. The By-laws, and schedules are there; as well as the complete team won and loss records for the entire History of the Jardel softball league.

The NEW Jardel Northeast Slow Pitch League link at Netscape has been discontinued

This is the Site that contains many of the League Records and Statistics.

be sure to check here often.

Wednesday, July 25

21. Within 3 days of a completed game, the winning team must call in the score of their game to the league voicemail box (phone number 953-9700 ID#52113). Failure to do so may result in a forfeit.
This is rule 21 of the By-Laws. Please use the Hotline for ALL correspondence.

Friday, June 29
Reminder! You can download the Player Eligibilty Check off

Please check out the player eligibility check off form. This will help you to determine how many games each player is at.

Handout: Jardel 2001 Eligibility check list Form!

Friday, June 22
Reminder! You can download the By-Laws and Schedule!

This is a reminder, that you all can download the Schedule, and the By-Laws in the handout section. Simply select handouts, then select the one that you want. As an example The 2001 complete schedule will be shown here, this is the same as you would receive in the handouts section.
Thanks again