Monday, July 5
Mike "Base" Kaiga
                 Base arrived in Atlanta in 2001. It was a cold evening and he had on a brown jacket that couldnt even protect him from the chilling winter weather. As always, he looked funny! He joined Internship for America where he met his girlfriend Boseaul. At around the same time he enrolled at Georgia State University in 2003 to study Masters in Statistics. He joined Jamhuri FC almost at the same time and he became an instant celebrity. He played number 5 as the Main Man of Defence, honestly without a doubt the brother had unmatched skills. His motto "I will never clear a ball, I will always give a pass".
                   Base later moved to Springfield Missouri to take up a lucrative position as a Quality Assurance Manager. Tragedy struck in December 2007 when Base was diagnosed with "Gastric Cancer". The news was a nasty blow to the team, his friends and to everyone who knew him because he was always full of life. He has so many friends and everyone who met him almost instantly liked him. On 10/20/2008 Base passed away due to Gastric Cancer. It all happened all of a sudden.
                     As a player, Base was one of our greatest defender of all time. Playing number 5 at the back. As a friend he was a straightforward and an understanding person. Most of all to JFC he was the big brother. His story isnt new to us, a lesson learned is knowledge gained. And with knowledge gained there is empowerment. Lets live purposefully with a constant reminder that we as Jamhuri FC family we need each other. JFC is a brotherhood.
Brothers and Sisters of Jamhuri FC, it's time we give our respects in mourning one of our great ones. Mike "Base" Kaiga. May his memmory live with us, and may he also rest in peace.
We Love and Miss you Base.