All the current events that goes on in facebook concerning jamhuri fc. And also a few members as friends and a whole new network of fans. Please have a look.

Cobb Soccer League Table
The league table show the current standings in Cobb Soccer League Table.

Jamhuri Youth Soccer
The youths Website aka upcoming members of Jamhuri FC

Border Clash With DJ Gazelle

North Atlanta Soccer Association

Toyoyo Link
Camp Toyoyo, USA - Kenya is for Kenyan footballers, families, and friends aimed at bringing together the past and the present friendship in the spirit of soccer, this is a place that people meet and share the golden memories.

There's no nicer time than time to remember special people, like friends, family and the dearest long-time friendships. A long-time friendship means the most; it’s lasted through the years, sharing both the good and bad, the laughter and the tears. A long-time friendship keeps on growing stronger every day, supporting and accepting where we came from at all times.

Jamhuri FC Pictures
Game and training pictures of Jamhuri FC.

Kenya Empowerment Newspaper

The English Premier League
The official site of the English Premier League.

FIFA World Cup
The official site of World Cup 2006.