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Jacksonville Table Tennis Club - Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville Table Tennis Club - Jacksonville, Florida  
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USATT            Jacksonville Table Tennis Club
List of places to play table tennis around Jacksonville. Check this site often for any schedule changes.       
                           Scroll down to see the list of upcoming tournaments and updated Jax. USATT ratings
NEXYUSA.COM NEXYUSA.COM-Table Tennis Equipment Company run by our local player Sutanit(Joe)-Check it out.  

Table Tennis News from around the World- Click Here  ITTF's Monthly Pongcast- Click  USATT Events - Click here  


 NEWS- Jax. USATT Club Rating & Lakeland Open - 2/22/19      


  Table tennis                                PLACES TO PLAY                                                        
1. Ishaka Table Tennis Club-The Pine Castle Building Gymnasium(Bowery Family Life Center) - Facebook Page 
Where: 4911 Spring Park Rd. Jacksonville, Fl 32207 -
Map  - Located near I-95 and University Blvd. - Club Photo                      

When: - Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays 6:00P.M. til 10:00P.M. and  Sundays 3P.M. til 8P.M. - 
Cost: $7 per night    Club has 8 ITTF Professional Tables. Everyone is welcome including seniors, kids and
handicap players.  Ishaka means "You can do it!!!"
Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or if you are interested in getting some coaching.
Jean-Marie Kanani(Certified International Level Coach) - (904)885-4203

New Club:
Jean-Marie's new club is located at the Pine Castle Gymnasium building at 4911 Spring Park Road in Jacksonville.
Pine Castle will be open for Table Tennis  Mon., Wed., and Fridays from 6 to 10 pm Sundays 3P.M. til 8P.M.
The cost is $7.00 per night.
This is a very nice and roomier facility. It is in a gymnasium with very high ceilings.
There is very good Building Security and safe parking. Pine Castle is an agency that works with people challenged with disabilities.      

2. Smash - Ping Pong, Restaurant, and Bar - 13,000 square feet of space, 11 Ping-Pong tables to rent by the hour
Where: 8206 Philips Hwy, Unit 6. Jacksonville, FL, 32256 - Map
More Info - Smashjax official website

Neptune Beach Senior Center TTC - Map - Club has 3 Tables - Video - Photos
Where: 2004 Forest Avenue Neptune Beach, FL 32266
When: Sundays from 3p.m. to 7p.m. for anyone Cost $5 Try to be there close to 3P.M.
Allan Hooker or Joan Ruggiero 904-476-2631 Text only please.

Power Stroke Bozard Table Tennis Club - Map - Video
Where:  101 Liberty Center Place St. Augustine, FL 32092    
Photo of Outside of Building
Hours:  Monday thru Friday from 1:30 pm to 9:30 pm.  7 Tables
                   Saturday from 1:30 pm to 5:30 pm.
The club has excellent lighting and new high quality Joola tables.
Cost: The fee for one days play is $7.00 and memberships will be available for anyone playing multiple times per week.         
It's best to come with a partner to be sure you'll have someone to play with (especially during the day) -
There will most likely be players to practice and play matches with in the evening hours after 6P.M.
Simplice Sorou for more information on the club. C) 904-495-4682 
                  Also in St. Augustine-   
Flagler College - Gameroom. Two tables. Located in Ringhaver Student Center on King St. in St. Augustine
St. Johns State College in St. Augustine- Viking Center Cafeteria - One table.                                                                            

5. University of North Florida-Gameroom- Open 7 Days a week. Hours - UNF TTC's Facebook Page 
               1 University of North Fl Dr  Jacksonville, FL 32224 -
Where: Lo
cated across the street from the UNF arena in Bldg. 58 East/Room 1200 P)620-1141. The gameroom has two tables.
Cost is Free- Open to everyone. If you drive there on weekdays(Before fridays 7P.M.) UNF requires you to buy a $3 parking pass to park on campus.
No parking pass required on weekends. There are usually student players there on weekday afternoons and evenings but there is no set schedule when
the good players are there.
UNF now has 4 Outdoor concrete tables w/ outdoor lighting which are outside next to the gameroom. Outdoor table tennis tournament at UNF-
         UNF Gameroom                   UNF Outdoor Ping Pong                  UNF Table Tennis Team

                           Other Colleges w/ Tables
FCCJ South Campus(Now called Florida State College of Jax.) has a gameroom over their cafeteria. 3 Tables Hours M-Th til 6P.M. Fridays til 3P.M. Link
FCCJ Kent Campus-Located next to their cafeteria 2 Tables. M-Thurs til 4P.M. Fridays-closes earlier not sure.
FCCJ North Campus- 2 tables
FCCJ Downtown Campus- 1 table
All FCCJ campuses might check for student ID's. and are closed on weekends, and student breaks. Make friends with the staff or try to blend in. ;)

St. Johns State College - in Orange Park off College St. One table in the cafeteria.
M-thur til 9P.M. Friday not sure when they close the cafteria. Park in parking space marked Visitor or the nearby Thrasher Center for the arts
because the school requires parking decals, and you don't want a parking ticket.
Jacksonville University - Inside the Williams Hall Lobby-

                               Bars w/ ping pong tables
Green Room Brewing, Jax Beach- Third St. N., Jacksonville Beach - One Table- Free to Use - Map
Ping Pong Tournament Every Tuesday - For more info. on tournament contact Rick Vach
7 p.m. warm-up, 7:30 p.m. start, $10 to enter , One game to 21 double elimination. 16 players limit and played on one table.  Come and
enjoy good competition and great beer!! :) Green Room Brewery- Phone: (904) 201-9283.
Other bars in town that have tables:

Surfer the Bar - 200 First St. N., Jacksonville Beach - One Table
Perect Rack Billards  - 1186 Edgewood Ave S, Jacksonville, FL 32205 - One Table - Not Free- They Charge per hour

                  Other Places to Play:
Gainesville Table Tennis Group Website - Contact Jen-Sung (352) 328-1629 Facebook Page
We are a group that plays Table Tennis at the Reitz Union on Tuesdays and Baptist Collegiate Ministries on Sundays.




  Table Tennis equipment review              







Friday, March 22
Jacksonville Club Rating

Jacksonville area table tennis players on the USATT Ratings List                                                
Updated 3/22/2019   New Ratings updated as soon as they are processed.                 
Florida Players   Click on name to see rating history.
Rating(Highest) Name      Last USATT Tournament - Lakeland Open - 2/22/19    
2307(2425)   Fleisher Dickie        11/30/14  Video  Photo
2251(2251)    Lu Ping                    2/23/13 Photo
2222(2373)   Tangyingyong, Sutanit (Joe-Bogeyhunter)  11/17/18 Videos
2099(2205)   Xiao Panrong           8/05/17 Photo
2098(2130)    Osmanagic, Edis       2/22/19   Video Photo
2063(2071)   Sapp. Shaun             2/17/18 UNF Video Photo - Moved to Texas
2040(2040)   Sourou, Simplice      12/22/18 St. Augustine Photo
2033(2095)   Dowridge Winston    10/13/18 Video Photo
2004(2004)   Bowery, Brandon      4/09/11 Photo
2002(2002)   Chen Jerry              9/30/06 Photo
2000(2033)   Arnette, Dewey         9/22/18 Photo
1992(2005)   Estacion Peter          7/13/13 Photo
1951(1971)    Kanani, Jean Marie    4/15/18 Video Photo
1937(2148)   Johns Richard           6/05/10 Video Photo Photo2 Richie's Gameroom
1891(1927)    Kessler, Daniel           5/14/16 Photo
1870(2100)   Beckford Jim            5/05/18 Video Photo
1867(1867)   Johnston, Zachary    2/18/17 Video
1852(1866)   Master, Mark             2/22/19 Photo
1845(1903)   Jackson Arnold          5/10/03 Photo
1833(1833)   Krupka, Martin            6/01/13
1803(1803)   Kovacevic, Dario        8/04/18
1798(1801)   Wada Satoko             1/11/14 Photo
1776(1788)   Boateng, Juliana        1/26/19 Photo
1773(1847)   Darley, David            1/26/19
1755(1755)   Ghandi, Gagan           1/26/19 Photo
1735(1735)   Rivera, Edwin            5/03/14 UNF Photo
1729(1753)   Shaker, Ausama         8/04/18 Photo
1712(1712)    Fleming Roland          7/04/09 St. Augustine Photo
1682(1685)   Villorente, Kirkfred   2/18/17 UNF
1679(1679)   Pham, Thi                   6/06/09 Photo
1665(1666)   Wallace, Bill              1/27/18 Photo
1641(1687)   Szamiel, Stanley       6/01/13 Photo
1633(1686)   Ogunsan Isaac          5/18/97 Photo
1630(1630)   Almeida, Regis         12/20/08 Photo Video
1625(1625)   Periasamy, Navien     8/05/17
1624(1699)   Hernandez. Sean       2/22/19 UNF Video
1606(1659)   Muller, Harry            11/17/18  Photo
1600(1600)   Huang, Brian               1/28/17 UNF
1598(1598)   Ramia, Joe                 1/27/18 Photo
1585(1585)   DeJesus. Adrian       11/01/15 UNF Video
1571(1571)    Che, Paul                   4/19/14 Photo
1560(1886)   Scott Barry H.          2/18/17 Photo
1551(1551)    McMahan, William     1/26/19 Photo
1543(1876)   Brantley Barry         9/20/14 Photo
1527(1527)   Gragg, Zachary         9/21/13
1524(1699)   Caplin Glenn              12/20/14 Photo
1522(1522)   Oglesby, Randall        1/27/18
1499(1499)   Olsen, Hunter          8/04/18
1476((1768)  Ruggiero, Joan         2/22/19 Photo
1416(1839)   Caplin Stuart(Stu)     12/22/18 Photo
1414(1414)    Permenter, Zalan      11/18/17 St. Augustine
1403(1403)    DeMay, David            1/26/19 Fernandina Beach
1390(1413)   Varela, Guillermo        1/26/19
1390(1390)   Tran, Annie                2/20/16
1383(1383)   Telivala, Bijoy           1/27/18 Photo
1340(1340)   Balfour, Cainan          8/10/13
1314(1355)   Dang, Jonathon        11/01/15 UNF
1292(1360)   Helquist, Michael     1/27/18 Photo
1261(1352)   Hooker, Allan             1/28/17 Photo
1257(1300)   Wolfe, Zack             11/15/14
1245(1258)   Manning, Ethan        8/05/17 UNF
1238(1241)    Soto Ramon              7/13/13 Photo
1225(1225)   Zeinali, Shawn          1/28/17
1215(1215)    Bright, Michael          1/27/18
1210(1210)    Redshaw, Ryan           8/03/18  Ponte Vedra
1204(1204)   Woodward, Aaron     1/26/19  Neptune Beach
1165(1271)    Konizeski, Andrew     10/27/18 St. Augustine Photo
1099(1163)    Rivero, Candido         1/26/19 Photo
1153(1153)    Oglesby, Chris           1/27/18
1131(1131)     Deeble, John              1/27/18  
1122(1122)    Thorpe, Greg            8/05/17
1078(1078)    Gordon, Blair             1/28/17
1051(1051)    Yankee, William         8/22/18 Ponte Vedra
953)953)      Brewingtion, Shann    1/26/19
924(924)       Gupta, Gaurav           8/05/17
905(914)       Jones, Allister           1/26/19 Fleming Island
806(806)       Combs, Robert           8/04/18 Fernandina Beach
756(759)        Harmon, Robbie         1/26/19 Neptune Beach
738(738)       DeAbreau, Andrew     1/26/19
703(703)       Grant, Preston           1/27/18

UNF NCTTA Ratings-Non USATT  UNF team tournament at University of Central Florida 1/28/17- Results



Upcoming USATT Tournaments

Other tournaments: 

Jacksonville Senior Games- Includes Table Tennis Events
October 3-8th, 2016 Info - Link
The City of Jacksonville presents The Forever Fit 50 & Beyond: Jacksonville Senior Games, an Olympic-style event series designed for seasoned athletes to participate on a competitive level and novice athletes to participate for their own enjoyment and promote healthy and active lifestyles for First Coast seniors. Age Breakdown Individual and partner sports age divisions are: 50-54, 55-59, 60-64, 65-69, 70-74, 75-79, 80-84, 85-89, 90-94, 95-99, 100+ For more info. about the 2014 Forever Fit 50 & Beyond: Jacksonville Senior Games, call (904) 630-7392 or email
Matt Hetherington's Avatar

Stu, Glenn, Jean-Marie, Ping Lu, Stanley and Edis at Lakeland Tournament 2/23/13

World Ranking

USA No. 1 Forrest Gump :)
Top 100 US Men         Top 100 US Women

  Thats Why You Gotta Keep Your Eye On The Ball 
Want to learn real skills than come join the JaxTTC.

View Table Tennis      

Table Tennis Equipment and Coaching Links

Thursday, October 18
Jacksonville Area Table Tennis Players Pictures

Thursday, October 18
Jacksonville Area Table Tennis Players Pictures

Jacksonville Table Tennis Club - Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville Table Tennis Club - Jacksonville, Florida
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