Jackson 96ers Baseball Club: Welcome

Welcome to the Jackson 96ers Baseball Club and the 2015 NABF World Classic Championship Series

 Welcome to the official site of Mississippi's premier amateur baseball program since 1978; the Jackson 96ers Baseball Club. Home of the 1994, 1996 and 2006 NABF Senior Division World Series Champions!!! The Jackson 96ers Baseball Club will also host the 2015 NABF 15U, 16U and 18U Classic World Series.

 You can find information about the Jackson 96ers Baseball Club, its teams, tournaments and the 2015 NABF Classic World Series, July 28-August 2 for 15U, 16U and 18U Teams.

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Jackson 96ers Championships

NABF Senior Division World Series Championships

1994- World Champions (Marietta, GA) 96ers 12 v Seattle, WA Chaffey Baseball 5

1996- World Champions (Indianapolis, IN) 96ers 6 v New Lennox, IL 2

2006- World Champions (Jackson, MS) 96ers 5 v Long Island, NY Bayside Yankees 4


NABF Senior Division World Series Runner-Up

2002- Runner-Up (Welland, Ontario, Canada) 96ers 6 v Columbus, OH Cobras 15

2005- Runner-Up (Jackson, MS) 96ers 1 v Long Island, NY Bayside Yankees 7

2009- Runner-Up (Jackson, MS) 96ers 8 v Bowie, MD Maryland Monarchs 15


NABF 15U World Series

2014- Runner-Up (Millington, TN) Diamond Jackson 96ers 9 v Rawlings Prospects (MO) 15


NABF Sophomore Division World Series Runner-Up

2014- Runner-Up (Knoxville, TN) Diamond 96ers Elite 1 v Creekside Fitness (OH) 4


AABC "Connie Mack" Southeast Regional Champions




AABC "Mickey Mantle" Southeast Regional Champions  




Diamond Jackson 96ers
Jackson 96ers and Diamond Sports Team Up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

 The Jackson 96ers Baseball Club is Very Pround to announce that Diamond Sports is now a Major Sponsor of the Jackson 96ers Baseball Club. Diamond Sports is located in Santa Ana, CA. They are a  major supplier of baseballs/softballs and sports equipment in the United States. Starting in 2014, Jackson 96ers Baseball teams will be called the Diamond Jackson 96ers.

 Derek Topik, Executive Director, of the Jackson 96ers Baseball Club had this to say about Diamond Sports, "I am very excited about this relationship. Diamond Baseball produces the premier baseball and catching gear in the country. Dave Pherrin, from Diamond Baseball, and I have worked together at the National Youth Baseball Championships. I have used Diamond's product with my youth teams and it is the best around."


Monday, May 18
Utah Plane Ticket

Championship Games Schedule

The 14U, 16U and 17U Championship Games will be played at Smith Wills Stadium on Monday.



SE Reds 9 

Diamond Elite 96ers 2



MC THunder 4

EC Sox Snopek 0



RC Braves 7

MC Thunder 3



Thursday, June 4
16U Perfect Game East Cobb Invitational Schedule

Thursday, June 4

 Diamond Jackson 96ers 2 

 Team GA 16U Red 2


Friday, June 5

Diamond Jackson 96ers 3

Palmetto Xpress 0


Saturday, June 6

8:15 am Diamond Jackson 96ers v Homeplate Chilidogs



Thursday, June 4
18U 2015 Marucci Classic Schedule

Friday, June 5

New Orleans Spice 13

Diamond Jackson 96ers 4


Saturday, June 6 

11:15 am Diamond Jackson 96ers v Marucci Johnson @ Chalmette HS

3:30 pm Diamond Jackson 96ers v Marucci Sox @ UNO


Sunday, June 7

12:20 pm Diamond Jackson 96ers v Team LA @ Tulane

15U and 18U Semi-Final Game Information

 The 15U Semi-Finals (96ers v Giants and Thunder v Spikes) and the second 18U Semi Final (96ers v Blues) Game is cancelled for today. Fields at Brandon, Millsaps and St. Joseph are unplayable.

 Another date to finish the Semi Final Games and the Championship Games will be looked at and announced.


Monday, May 18
Utah Plane Ticket Balance

Utah Plane Ticket Balance

Hoosier Bat Payments


Saturday, May 23
Hinds CC/NABF Classic Regional Bracket Game Schedule (Sunday Games)

Brandon HS

11:15 am- Diamond 96ers National 10 v Diamond Elite 96ers 11 (14U)



11:15 am- Mid South Games 5 v SE Reds 9 (14U)

1:30 pm- SE Reds 0 v MC Thuder 10 (16U)

3:45 pm- EC Sox Snopek 9 v North MS Indians 2 (16U)

6:00 pm- Diamond 96ers v Birmingham Giants (15U) Postponed

8:30 pm- Diamond 96ers v MS Blues (18U) Postponed



Smith Wills 

1:30 pm- Golden Spikes 3 v Rankin County Braves 9 (17U)

3:45 pm- SE Reds 0 v MC Thunder 10 (17U) 

6:00 pm- LA Stix 10 v WM Sox 3 (18U)

8:30 pm- MC Thunder v Golden Spikes (15U) Postponed

Saturday, May 23
Hinds CC/NABF Classic Regional Consolation Game Schedule (Sunday Games)

Brandon HS

1:30 pm-Ouachita Chiefs 1 v Golden Spikes 11 (16U)

3:45 pm- MS Extreme 5 v EC Sox Hall 7


St. Jospeh HS Madison 

1:30 pm- Diamond 96ers 10 v  West Monroe Sox 2 (16U)




Pool F #5 Seed v Pool F #6 Seed 

Pool A #5 Seed v Pool B #5 Seed 

2015 Player Payments


Brilliance in Diamonds
Thursday, June 25
Thanks to Brilliance in Diamonds for being a 2015 Sponsor!!!

Become a Jackson 96ers Sponsor!!!!!

 If you are interested in becoming a Jackson 96ers sponsor or advertising in the 2015 Jackson 96ers Media Guide please click on the forms, email dtopik@bellsouth.net or call (601) 940-5720 and get involved!!!!

 The Jackson 96ers Baseball Club, Inc. is a 501 (c) 3 non-profit corporation and all sponsorships and advertisements are tax deductible. The advertisements and sponsorships help pay for the 2015 Season and player fees of less fortunate players.  

Handout: 2015 Ad Order Form

Saturday, May 23
Hinds CC Tournament/NABF Classic Regional Pool Standings

Pool A (14U)

Diamond Elite 96ers 2-1 #3 Seed

SE Reds 1-2 #4 Seed

Diamond 96ers National 2-1 #2 Seed

Golden Spikes 0-3 #5 Seed

Mid South Gamers 3-0 #1 Seed


Pool B (15U)

Diamond 96ers 2-0

Birmingham Giants 1-1

EC Sox Hall 1-2

Golden Spikes 2-1

MC Thunder 1-1

MS Extreme 0-2


Pool C (16U)

Diamond 96ers 1-1

Ouachita Chiefs 0-3 #4 Seed

North MS Indians 2-1

SE Reds 2-0


Pool D (16U)

West Monroe Sox 0-3 #4 Seed

MC Thunder 2-1 #2 Seed

Golden Spikes 1-2 #3 Seed

EC Sox Snopek 3-0 #1 Seed


Pool E (17U)

Ouachita Chiefs 0-2

MC Thunder 1-2

Golden Spikes 2-1

SE Reds 2-1

Rankin County Braves 1-1


Pool F (18U)

Diamond 96ers 1-1

MS Militia Scout 0-3 #6 Seed

West Monroe Sox 1-1

MS Blues 3-0 #2 Seed

MS Militia USA 0-3 #5 Seed

LA Stix 3-0 #1 Seed



Thursday, May 21
Hinds CC Tournament/NABF Classic Regional Scores Thursday, May 21 Scores

14U Diamond 96ers National 7

14U Diamond Elite 96ers 4 


15U MC Thunder  2

15U Golden Spikes 1


17U Rankin County Braves 6

17U MC Thunder 1 

Interested in becoming a 96er!!!!!

 If you are interested in becoming a part of the Premier Youth Baseball Organization in the State of Mississippi, the Jackson 96ers, then please fill out the form and email it to Derek Topik at dtopik@bellsouth.net or fax it to (601) 853-2254 Attention: Derek Topik.


Handout: Player Information

Hinds CC Tournament/NABF Classic Regional Friday, May 22 Scores

14U Scores

Diamond Elite 96ers 7

SE Reds 5


Mid South Gamers 12

Golden Spikes 2


15U Scores

Diamond 96ers 8

EC Sox Hall 5


16U Scores

Diamond 96ers 7

Ouachita Chiefs 0


EC Sox Snopek 7

West Monroe Sox 0


MC Thunder 6

Golden Spikes 3


SE Reds 4

North MS Indians 0


17U Scores

MC Thunder 18

Ouachita Chiefs 9


Golden Spikes 6

SE Reds 5


18U Scores

West Monroe Sox 9

MS Militia Scout 1


MS Blues 4

Diamond 96ers 3


LA Stix 8

MS Militia USA 0

Hinds CC Tournament/NABF Classic Regional Saturday, May 23 Scores

14U Scores

SE Reds 11

Diamond 96ers National 5


Mid South Gamers 9

Diamond Elite 96ers 1


Diamond Elite 96ers 5

Golden Spikes 1


Mid South Gamers 6

SE Reds 1


Diamond 96ers National 13

Golden Spikes 0


15U Scores

EC Sox Hall 2

MC Thunder 1


Golden Spikes 7

MS Extreme 3


Birmingham Giants 5

EC Hall 2


Diamond 96ers 8

MS Extreme 3 


Golden Spikes 2

Birmingham Giants 0


16U Scores

MC Thunder 12

West Monroe 0


North MS Indians 5

Ouachita Chiefs 1


SE Reds 7

Ouachita Chiefs 0


EC Snopek 7

MC Thunder 1


SE Reds 3

Diamond 96ers 2


Golden Spikes 20

West Monroe Sox 4


EC Sox Snopek 8

Golden Spikes 7 




17U Scores

RC Brave 9* (This Game does not count towards the RC Braves Pool Record)

Golden Spikes 1


SE Reds 5

Ouachita Chiefs 4


SE Reds 4

RC Braves 2 


Golden Spikes 3

MC Thunder 2 



18U Scores

MS Blues 5

MS Militia Scout 2


Diamond 96ers 11

MS Militia USA 1


LA Stix 8

MS Militia Scout 1


LA Stix 4

West Monroe Sox 1


MS Blues 7

MS Militia USA 0

Saturday, May 23
Hinds CC Tournament/NABF Classic Regional Scores Sunday, May 24


Diamond 96ers

Birmingham Giants


MC Thunder

MS Extreme



Diamond 96ers

SE Reds



RC Braves

Ouachita Chiefs



Diamond 96ers

WM Sox 


Thursday, May 21
Field Addresses

Brandon HS Field: (Located at Brandon Middle School) 408 South College Street Brandon MS 39042

St. Joseph Catholic School 308 New Mannsdale Road Madison, MS 39110

Millsaps College 1701 N State St Jackson, MS 39202 Hinds CC 608

Hinds Blvd Raymond, MS 39154

Smith Wills Stadium 200 Lakeland Drive Jackson, MS 39216