Friday, April 26
New Web Design

Welcome to the IVTITANS Web site,  this is a centralized information location.  Please take a couple of minutes and browse around.  Many questions can be awnsered with this information.  Click on any game in the calander ( eg. this weekends 11u rochelle tournament game)  a pop up window will open, in that are more details about the game.  If I have the address in our database there will be a Blue Navigation Icon.  If you click on that it will direct you to yahoo maps to get directions from wherever you are.


******Like A page on for facebook to follow updates to some pages *******

If your just checking on your specific team then select "teams" and that will direct you to that teams own Home page, 

On the Ivtitan home page calander you will see all program games listed, Use thefilter below the calander to see excatly what team you  want to view ( at the bottom of the calander). or go to the team page and view that calander.

When the complete Sponsor list is ready ALL sponsor sites will be linked so if you need any information about our sponsors click on their name.

There are some very interesting features on this new site and as we move forward this will become an essential tool for your sons team and league. 

Check out the "HANDOUTS" tab  we will use this for hotel and tournament information ( bracket sheets ).

Take Photos and upload them to the that tab and everyone can see and share,

Tuesday, June 11

REMAINING UNDEFEATED IN ALL Usssa santioned tournament games, has vaulted to 10u team to 2nd in the state, according to the power ranking system @ usssa.com.