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Sunday, June 26

Welcome To The I.S. 318 Conquistadors

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2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 Brooklyn Champions

2014, 2015 MSBL NYC Runner-Up 

2011, 2013 and 


MSBL New York City Champions


2016 NYC Middle School Baseball League Record


6/25 vs. I.S. 61

Win 4-1

 NYC Championship - WE ARE THE 2016 NYC CHAMPIONS!!!

6/9 vs. Baruch

Win 4-3

 City Semifinals - Come from behind victory! Angel ties it, Gio wins it, Kalvin saves it!

6/2 vs. M.S. 577 Win 9-0  BK Champ Game - Antonio throws a no-hitter! We're Brooklyn Champs!
5/31 vs. M.S. 136 Win 17-2

 2nd Round - Steven hits 3 doubles and Kalvin and Isaiah each hit 2 doubles

5/26 vs/ M.S. 661 Win 21-0  1st Round - Kalvin hits a HR with 3 RBI and Isaiah has 2 RBI with a double
5/20 vs. M.S. 577 Win 23-0  Angel strikes out 7 batters and Isaiah, Kalvin, Antonio and Angel hit HRs
5/19 vs. I.S. 157 Win 15-0  Isaiah and Angel hit triples, Steven and Alejandro hit doubles
5/18 vs. I.S. 71 Win 13-1  Kalvin strikes out 11 batters and Antonio Pena hits a HR
5/12 vs. M.S. 136 Win 12-2  Antonio strikes out 10 batters.  Myles and Giovanny both go 3 for 3.
5/10 vs. M.S. 662 Win 12-1  Kalvin strikes out 13batters and Angel goes 3 for 3 with 2 RBI
5/5 vs. M.S. 113 Win 12-1  Antonio strikes out 10 batters and Angel hits a double with 3 RBI
5/2 vs. I.S. 71 Win 22-1  Kalvin gets a triple with 5 RBI and Steven and Franklin add 3 RBI
4/18 vs. I.S. 62 Win 11-1  Angel with 9 strikeouts and Franklin with a 3 run HR and 4 RBI
4/12 vs. M.S. 661    Win 15-0     Antonio strikes out 10 batters and Alejandro gets a double and 2 RBI
4/7 vs. M.S. 126 Win 19-0  Angel, Isaiah, Steven, Antonio and Yates all smack doubles
4/1 vs. M.S. 577  Win 10-0    Myles goes 3 for 3 and three pitchers throw a combined no-hitter with 13k's 

Team Leaders 

Batting Avg.

On Base Pct. 



.516  Antonio Pena

  .706  Antonio Pena

 22  Angel De La Torre  

 30  Angel De La Torre

.489  Angel De La Torre

  .632  Kalvin Reinoso 

 17  Isaiah Decias

 30  Isaiah Decias

.462  Myles Vazquez

  .600  Franklin Gonzalez 

 16  Kalvin Reinoso

 29  Kalvin Reinoso

.448  Franklin Gonzalez

  .586  Angel De La Torre

 16  Antonio Pena

 29  Antonio Pena

.447  Isaiah Decias

  .576  Myles Vazquez

 16  Giovanny Vasquez

 21  Franklin Gonzalez

.432  Kalvin Reinoso

  .574  Isaiah Decias

 13  Steven Urena

 17  Steven Urena 

.421  Giovanny Vasquez

  .511  Giovanny Vasquez 

 13  Franklin Gonzalez

 16  Giovanny Vasquez




Home Runs 

 29  Angel De La Torre

 6  Steven Urena

 3  Kalvin Reinoso

 3  Angel De La Torre

 22  Kalvin Reinoso

 4  Kalvin Reinoso

 1  Steven Urena

 2  Kalvin Reinoso

 17  Steven Urena

 4  Isaiah Decias

 1  IsaiahDecias

 2  Antonio Pena

 14  Franklin Gonzalez

 3  Giovanny Vasquez

 1  Angel De La Torre

 1  Steven Urena

 12  Isaiah Decias

 3  Angel De La Torre


 1  Isaiah Decias

   9  Myles and Giovanny 

 3  Antonio Pena 


 1  Franklin Gonzalez





 6  Kalvin Reinoso

 0.00  Angel De La Torre

 0.69  Antonio Pena

 59  Antonio Pena

 6  Antonio Pena

 0.23  Kalvin Reinoso

 0.85  Kalvin Reinoso

 58  Kalvin Reinoso

 4  Angel De La Torre

 0.41  Antonio Pena

 1.00 Angel  De La Torre 

 31  Angel De La Torre




   League Schedule and Standings are also up at www.leaguelineup.com/msblnyc

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I.S. 318 Baseball Team History: 

             In 2010, coaches Thanasi Iliopoulos and John Nagler put together the first ever I.S. 318 baseball team. With the help of the Roberto Clemente Little League, a local middle school baseball league was formed in Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  I.S. 318 finished their inaugural season 11-1 winning the first ever league championship against rival M.S. 50. 

             In 2011, I.S. 318 decided to join the New York City Middle School Baseball League as one of over 50 teams in Manhattan, Bronx, Queens and Brooklyn fighting to win the City Championship.  The Conquistadors made their presence felt in the league going an undefeated 7-0 in the regular season.  After a 20-0 win against I.S. 166 in the first round of the Brooklyn playoffs, they then faced I.S. 62 Ditmas for the Brooklyn championship.  The Conquistadors battled their way coming from behind twice in the game to win the Brooklyn Championship 5-3. 

           The celebration didn't last long because I.S. 318 knew their biggest challenge yet was still to come in facing the Queens Champion - I.S. 61. Da Vinci team.  Da Vinci was the 2-time defending champion, not having lost a game in over 2 years.  Behind great pitching and perfect defense, the Conquistadors toppled the defending champs 2-0 to punch their ticket to the championship game.

           Behind the beautiful backdrop at Roosevelt Island, I.S. 318 faced the Bronx champion M.S. 145 for the City Championship Game.   The Conquistadors faced amazing adversity in the game starting from behind early,  then losing their MVP to an injury early in the game and later on losing their center fielder and hits leader to a concussion.  The team, not hiding their tears for their fallen teammate decided to battle on and staged a come from behind victory to take the 2011 City Championship!  It was an amazing season and all the parents and players that were a part of it,  will never forget it.


 Win-Loss Record since 2010:  89-6


"When a great man dies, for years the light he leaves behind him, lies on the paths of men. "

- Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

The I.S. 318 baseball team pays its respects to a great man and a great leader. Our former principal, Mr. Rubino gave so much to our school and this team.  We wouldn't have a baseball team if it wasn't for his belief in offering as much as we can to our students inside and outside of school.  We will miss him greatly.