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Irvine All Net Jets
Coach Jeff Weber
Fax: 802-609-0184
Irvine, California

All Net Jets
Irvine All Net Jets Basketball Team

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Welcome to our team website! Please bookmark this site for future reference for the Jets' schedules and announcements. Check the 'Calendar' link on left or click on the the 'Jets' icon to be linked to the team's most current schedule of events.

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Friday, April 2
Coach Jeff Congratulates Jets on Great Season
i wanted to take this opportunity to let all of you know how much i appreciate the efforts of all the jets to make ...

Pyramid @ LB State
NJB Nationals Opening Ceremonies in 2004 at Pyramid
Tuesday, March 23
Nationals kick off Friday; Opening Ceremonies @ LB Pyramid

NJB Nationals Tourney Schedule Info - Click here
Click on headline above to link to the NJB Nationals' Website.

hi jets,

just a couple of reminders re: this week (the FINAL week of the season):

1.        we have practice tonight at 7-9pm at irvine high school.

2.        we are tentatively scheduled to practice tomorrow (wednesday) at concordia at 7-9pm; i should receive confirmation today.

3.        we have opening ceremonies for the national friday night at 6pm at the long beach pyramid. i will be leaving my house at 4:30pm and can take a few players (but not everyone). however, this is a fun event that the parents should attend, if possible. let me know which parents are going, who wants a ride, etc.

4.        if you have not yet given me your $35 for the tournament, please bring it to tonight's practice. thanks.

our tournament game schedule should be posted tomorrow (wednesday). as i have mentioned, for now you should plan on games all day saturday and sunday. also, please plan to GET TO BED EARLY THURSDAY AND FRIDAY AND SATURDAY NIGHTS. my little birdie tells me that we may have 8am games on both saturday and sunday.

see you all tonight at irvine hs.



Coach Jeff Weber

NJB Teams will be honored at Opening Ceremonies March 26
Handout: 2004 NJB Nationals

Monday, March 15

The Irvine Jets went 3-1 this weekend to win the regional championship and advance to the 8th grade All-Net National Tournament on March 26-28.

In the regional championship game Sunday night at Loara High School, the Jets used a 15-point run in the 4th quarter to defeat Newport Mesa, 66-59.

Kevin Constantin dominated the paint with 23 points and 9 rebounds. Anton Shkel added 11 points and 9 rebounds, while Scott MacDougall and Riley Kenney also tallied 11 points each. Sam Weber scored 6 points and grabbed 7 rebounds.

In its pool championship game earlier in the day, the Jets defeated Tustin, 41-39, at Chapman University. Shkel led a balance scoring attack with 8 points, while grabbing 10 rebounds. Sal Orozco and Jordan Wozniak paced a strong defensive effort for the Jets, while sharp free throw shooting in the 4th quarter by MacDougall helped seal the victory.

In earlier pool play, the Jets beat South Coast, 54-39, but lost to Capo Dana, 46-41.

Kenney led the Jets in the South Coast game with 13 points, while Weber scored 10. Constantin and Orozco tallied 8 points apiece, and Dimitry Todorovic added 7 points in the victory.

In the hard-fought Capo Dana game, the Jets rallied from 15 points back to close the gap to 2 points, but could not overcome the Dolphins. Weber paced the Jets with 14 points and 6 rebounds, while Shkel contributed 7 points and 9 rebounds.

Friday, March 12
Playoff Schedule for 8th Grade All-Net

Click here for Jet's Sectional Playoff Schedule
our practice schedule for the next couple of weeks has a couple of changes; sorry about that, but we don't have gym time, so i'm going for some late afternoon ivc time while the sunlight is still available. please note the following schedule:

SATURDAY, 3-6, at 9-10:0am at ivc
TUESDAY, 3-9, at 4-6pm at ivc
FRIDAY, 3-12 at 4-6pm at ivc
WEDNESDAY, 3-17, 7-9pm at ivc
FRIDAY, 3-19, at 4-6pm at ivc (only if we are going to nationals)

(Click on headline above for 'Calendar' view.

if we are going to the nationals on march 26-28, we will add further
practices for the week of march 22.

please call me with any questions. see you tomorrow at 9am at ivc.

Coach Jeff

Monday, March 1
Jets Roll to Season Ending Victory over Mission Viejo

The 8th grade All-Net Irvine Jets completed their winter season on Sunday with a convincing 68-53 victory over the Mission Viejo Hurricanes at Mission Viejo High School.

The Jets finished the regular season in 3rd place with a record of 8-6; they now prepare for the sectional playoffs that occur on March 13-14.

Scott MacDougall led the Jets with 17 points and 6 assists. Riley Kenney scored 15 points, while Sam Weber added 13 points and 6 rebounds.

Anton Shkel contributed 8 points and 8 rebounds, and Kevin Constantin tallied 6 points and 5 rebounds.

Key contributions were added by Sal Orozco, Jordan Wozniak, Dimitry Todorovic and Gabe Wolpa.

The Jets' 80% free throw shooting proved critical to the victory. As the Hurricanes repeatedly fouled to stop the clock and gain possession, the Jets calmly sank 14 free throws in the 4th-quarter to seal the

Monday, February 23
Weekend Wrap-Up

hi jets,

i'm just writing to give you my thoughts about this weekend's games...

saturday was nearly perfect! everyone was on their games! the defense was good, both the "1" and the "3". everyone hustled and played their hardest. your toughness never wavered. many of you still have some bad habits to break (both hands up inside, move your feet, go under screens rather than over, etc.), and you will need to break those habits soon. but, in terms of effort, that was one of our best games all season!

i could say the same thing about effort for the first 5 minutes and the last 5 minutes of sunday's game. the effort was definitely there at those times. the difference, however, was that we only had that toughness in the last 5 minutes. the middle of the game was embarrassing in terms of our aggression and our general comportment; we played like we knew we would lose. i will take some of the responsibility there, because i made some substitutions that were meant more for teaching our character than for matching us up to their players. the fact of the matter is that we have certain lineups on our team that do not allow us to play pressure defense or to pass the ball around and over the zone as well as we should; but that was my call and that's the way it goes.

i think that we also could have tried our "2 UP" set a bit more, and that's also my fault. after we kind of stunk it up on the "2 UP" last week, i preferred to stay with our 22 down/load/pop set that allowed us the advantage at the post. unfortunately, we rarely got the ball to the low or high post, so the play never did go to the weak side often enough.

actually, sam tells me that scott called for the "2UP" once before mission went back to a man; good job, scott!!! scott was playing out of position much of the game because i needed him to, and i appreciate that. i also want to point out how much i appreciate scott's ability to read the defense and call the appropriate offense! the rest of you need to get to that point as well.

anyway, it's all part of the growth process. stay tough, play fundamentally and don't let anyone push you around. we will work on all those things tomorrow at our practice with capo dana at san juan sports park. i am assuming that you will all be getting there on your own unless you have reserved a seat in my car.

one last thing: regarding the year-end tournament, here's a reminder to be sure to reserve the weekends of march 13-14 AND 20-21, just as indicated on our team schedule. if we win our pool in the sectionals on march 13-14, we then go to the nationals on march 20-21. i believe that they will break the tournament into divisions so that we are not playing blue level teams, so we have as good a chance as any. as i said yesterday, i'll get back to you with the fees.

see you tomorrow. thanks, and.....GO JETS!!!

FOR JETS UPDATES - Click on headline above to link to 'Calendar'

Coach Jeff

Monday, November 24
Jets Winter 2003-04 Game Schedule Posted

Click on logo to be linked to All Net Home Page
The Jets 2003-2004 game schedule can be accessed either by clicking on this story's headline or by checking the 'Schedules' folder at left.

Updated Rosters Available in 'Handouts' Folder

Click on image for Jets' full game schedule
Please click on the headline above for the updated Jets' team roster and Excel version of Jets' practice schedule.

Coach Jeff recently updated the roster on October 10, 2003. You must have joined the site as a 'Member' to get access to this information. If you are prompted to provide your eteamz member info and password and have forgotten them, please e-mail so they can be forwarded to you. Thanks.

Irvine All Net Jets
Irvine All Net Jets
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