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Monday, March 2
What's in your bag?
f aid

What's in your bag?

Besides your paddles and good pair of court shoes consider the following.

**Water bottle or container for water.. DON'T drink from someonelses bottle.

**First Aid Kit: Included but not limited too: Bandages, asprin, saline solution, mild antiseptic wipes, nail clippers, athletic tape, lip balm, 1-2 pieces of hard candy, sunscreen, or....

**HAVE A MEDICAL ISSUE such as Diabetes, Seisure Disorder, Heart condition. Have extra medication available JUST in case and TELL someone what do BEFORE hand and how to administer them IF needed..

**List of emergency contacts and ID

**Power bar or nut snack pack for when you forgot to eat breakfast or lunch

**Small towel for those sweaty momements

**Small pack of tissue or a few single ones

**Joint braces or Ace bandages for support if you need them

**Emergency Ice pack

**Emergency snack cash.. for the local vending machine :)

WEATHER related items:

*Dark Sun glasses

*Yellow tinted glasses for evening light..

*Cooling towel. Stays wet and great for those HOT days

*Sun screen

*Cap or visor for those sunny days

*Head/wrist sweat band

You may not need any of these items but be the girl or boy scout and ALWAYS be prepared. You may just be the one to save the day. Most of the small items can fit into a ziplock baggie.

Don't hope someone else has it.. BE PREPARED.

Tuesday, April 7
How to Video's
Check out these video's  www.vimeo.com/121316016  Some quick clips on Pickleball.

Wednesday, April 29
HOW TO ROTATE into a court


When you win your round and all 4 are coming off the court your paddle will go to the bottom of the Winner's pile.

When you lose your round and all 4 are coming off the court your paddle will go to the bottom of the Loser's pile.

Alternating piles of going IN to play rotation after waiting,  The NEXT 4 paddles on the designated pile will enter the empty court.

Place the NEXT to go in towel on the other pile in waiting. Alternate piles going in and out of play.


Win pile has 6 paddles on it and is the next pile to go in. 

Lose pile has 5 paddle waiting to go in.

Court 2 opens up.

The winners of court 2 place their paddle at the bottom of the Win pile(A) and the TOP 4 paddle will go on to court 2 to play. Now the win pile has 4 paddles in waiting

The losers of court 2 place their paddles at the bottom of the Lose pile (B) and the NEXT towel will be place on TOP of the Lose pile (B) designating that, THAT will be the next pile to go into the next open court.  This pile will now have 7 paddles. 

NEXT to play towel will switch back and forth to designate WHICH pile is next to play. 

Court 1 opens up.. Lose Pile (B) with 7 paddles will have the next 4 paddles go in.When all paddles are laid in. Lose pile will have 5 paddles in waiting. Move the NEXT to play towel to the Win pile and REPEAT 


Single Paddle Pile Up Rotation

A FAIR method of rotation to mix all levels. PILE your paddles up

Scenario 1: When attendance is low or few players in line, the losing 2-4 players leave the court depending on attendance numbers, Winners will stay and split if attendance is low. The next two paddles on the TOP of the  pile enter that game.

When you come off a court your paddle goes to the BOTTOM of the pile. The top two or four will move to the open court accordingly.



Scenario 2: When we have an excess of waiting off court players, 6 or more? All 4 players of a playing court will leave the court and the next 4 paddles  on TOP of the pile will enter that court.

The GOLD, SILVER, BRONZE pile up works for a 2 or more court set up but attendance must be high. If there are 6 or more players in waiting and only 2-3 courts, we can run the GSB 4 player rotational system.. EVERYONE must follow the system for it to work. When it's run, the natural progression of the system places people in LIKE divisional skills levels together. Actually its like a mini ladder tourney feel in each session. Win and move up, lose and move down. Each night is a personal challenge to move up and stay up. Everyone will benefit in the end.

3 or More courts and HIGH attendence...

TO START - Each court will have 6 players or more players.. 4 will start play and the others will wait to begin rotation. 

Court 1 GOLD -  If you win your game your paddle will stay at the GOLD court and winners split  ONLY if there are low numbers of players.. If there are high numbers of players ALL 4 players leave the court and pile your paddle in the appropriate court pile up or down.

If you lose on the GOLD court your paddle will go DOWN a court  to the bottom of the SILVER pile on Court 2.

The next 2 or 4 players paddles will now play on GOLD.

Court 2 SILVER -    If you win your game your paddle will move UP and go to the bottom of the GOLD court pile. If you lose your paddle will go to the bottom of the Silver if there are only 2 courts in play or MOVE DOWN to BRONZE if there are 3 courts in play. 

Court 3 Bronze - If you win your game your paddle will MOVE UP and go to the bottom of the SILVER court pile. If you lose your paddle will go the bottom of the BRONZE court paddles. NEXT set paddles are on..If NO ONE is in waiting? Winners stay and split next 2 players in waiting will go onto play.

Additional NOTES: If you win 3 games in a row ona a court of WINNERS SPLIT please sit out a game to give others a chance to play more too.


 Clothes Pin Partners OUTSIDE ONLY

You will find a set of wires on the fence by the gate. You can supply your own ID clothes pin or use one that is available with a number. This WILL be your number for the remainder of the session.

The top wire 'rope' is for players ON the COURT or in an active game.

The bottom wire 'rope' is for players WAITING to enter a game.

When you arrive at the courts pick and/or place your PIN on either the top or bottom wire DEPENDING on if you are going to be ON the court and ready to play or if you are going to be WAITING for a position on the court. This all depends on number of participants and available courts.

Once you exit a court with a lose or a 3 game winning streak you will REMOVE your pin from the ON THE COURT upper wire and place it on the lower WAITING TO PLAY wire at the far RIGHT of the pin line.

The next 2 pins on the LEFT side of the wire will move their pin to ON THE COURT upper wire and now enter the court that is looking for new opponents.

Continue this and organized play will make everyone a happy player.

Winning players ON COURT PLEASE be patient as the new oppenents make their pin changes.

IF there are OPEN courts and there are players in waiting THIS court BECOMES a PRACTICE court. Meaning that you will be in PRACTICE mode, not a GAME mode. So KNOW and remember your pin number on the WAITING wire! GO practice and warm up. When the next competition court calls for NEW opponents your pin will need to go to the TOP wire and you may now enter the GAME court from the practice court.

We all come to play. But we want ROTATION and mixing of players. So a 'practice' court is the solution if your are NOT sitting out on the side line. If ALL courts are filled and we don't have substitutions or rotating players to come in and change, players get 'stuck' in one court with the same players and never have the opportunity to play other people.

This is our newest rotational method and it works as long as everyone adheres to the method.

Life is to short.. let's work together and make it fun.

Sunday, August 2

 If you haven't heard the Independence Pickleball courts are 98% complete and playable.

Only the dividing net is waiting to be installed. CAUTION!.. The temporary dividers are not stable .. Play is at your own risk. Play with safety in mind, ALWAYS!

Our Sunday group was pleasantly surprised to just walk up and JUST PLAY. No nets to set up.. NICE!.

A HUGE thanks to the City of Independence and the Rec maintenance dept. HUGE kudos to Laura who volunteered

countless hours to assist in this project.

Literally our blood, sweat and patience was left on the court.

I hope you have a chance to come and play during our sessions.

With that being said.. During our scheduled sessions we will be following several procedures to KEEP the flow of the game and to continue to grow our sport.

So here are some basic rules and regulations we ask you to follow during scheduled play times at this facility. They are ALSO posted on the fence near the gate.

This is and has been very exciting to come to our community. I STRONGLY urge you to write the community leaders for making this happen. Tom Walchanowicz, the Rec. Director was the go to man to help get these courts to happen. If you write city hall be sure to mention his name for his help, guidance and vision to see that Pickleball is here to stay in Independence. The $.50 stamp will go a long way for a small thanks


Tom Walchanowicz   Recreation Director

6363 Selig Drive, Independence, OH 44131

Phone: (216) 524-3262   Fax: (216) 524-8704



ATT: Tom Walchanowicz and/or Mayor Gregory Kurtz


Every city facility runs their program differently. We ask that you follow our rules at our facility. Respect the rules and less problems will occur. Pickleball is constantly evolving around the country. We want a family friendly environment. These sessions are approved by the city and will be followed.



1. SAFETY FIRST. Participants shall wear comfortable appropriately fitting clothing, wear non marking court shoes, wear sunscreen when appropriate and have a personal supply of water for use to stay hydrated.

2. During scheduled OPEN play sessions: ALL players in attendance will participate in group rotation. Mixed level groupings. No private group play session during these times.

PADDLE PILE UP ROTATION: Place your paddle at the bottom of the pile when you come off the court. If you choose to skip a rotation when your paddle comes to the top of the pile your paddle will be placed at the bottom of the pile. Sessions are for fun, socialization and personal challenge. BE READY TO ROTATE IN when a court ends play and 2-3 or 4 players are called to come onto a court. If you win THREE games in a row on your court, you must sit out your next game. There should be a MINIMUM of TWO players in waiting for rotation. IF NOT adjust the number of courts being played on. This allows for fair rotation and mixing.

3. Enter/Exit along the fence end-line of play, during a dead ball situation. Refrain from crossing behind any court during a rally. Go AROUND the outside of the fences when play is in session. Wait until a dead ball occurs before moving to the North or South side of the playing area. Refrain from interrupting play along the fence of courts 1 and 6 as well as between the Pickleball courts and the Tennis courts.

4. No profanity. This is a family friendly environment (4) Courteous play goes a long way.

5. All participants will have available their own marked (ID) pickleball during scheduled group play sessions.

6. All chairs, personal equipment and spectators must remain outside the fenced playing area when games have started.

7. Give a loud verbal warning when balls enter other courts. example "BALL, BALL"

8. Unsportsmanlike behavior will not be tolerated. No complaining, criticizing, or condemning or you will be asked to leave.

9. Become familiar with the USAPA rules and regulation of play. (USAPA.ORG)

10. Play hard and play fair. If you don't know a procedures ASK!


Lower level players should strongly consider playing and mastering their level before moving up to more competitive play.

 Thank you to all who make pickleball fun and exciting. Let's keep it that way.

Tuesday, January 19
1/2 Court singles or Texas Shootout

 A game with many names but still is a good workout if you don't have the full 4 some. This was suggested by another USAPA Ambassador. Try it is a fun game

Many people love 1/2 court singles as it allows 2 individual people to work on their "doubles" game. The only time I would play this is in a couple situations

a) I only was able to find one friend to play with

b) Group of 6 playing doubles.....instead of sitting and watching, play 1/2 court singles on a second court while the doubles game is happening.

Rules are pretty simple.....all shots must be played on half court....use chalk to draw a line down the middle of the kitchen or be slightly generous on class in the kitchen dinks. 

     Only variations I do know....switch halves of the court based on score, or stay on one side the entire game as it really doesn't matter too much (but, yes it does for Erne shots). 

It's fun, but can't really be played indoors at most places as court space is a rare commodity to begin with...have to maximize 4 people on a court in most situations. 

Thursday, December 11
simon 2s

SIMON is a great cardio work and assisted several of this years Arnold Fest winners in their development and winning form. Schedule a time for individual or group workouts.. Talk to Claudia about details.

SIMON the PERFECT Pickleball Parnter. 

From the drawing board to the hard court "SIMON" is the first heavy duty pickleball practice ball throwing machine, designed just for Pickleball.

A portable, self contained, battery operated pickleball pitching machine, Simon delivers.

Made in the USA "SIMON" can shoot you balls from 10-30mph at various feed speeds including soft dinks, high lobs and fast volleys. This machine can make your practice session a full blown aerobic workout and pitch you 70-160 balls in one load with a multitude of feeding speeds varing between 4 -10 second intervals.  NOW THAT'S A WORK OUT! 

With adjustable speeds and heights SIMON will get your game into gear and move you up to a whole new level of the game.

For more details go to:


When contacting them tell them Claudia sent you.

Simon is  available for use by request. See Claudia for details.  

Friday, January 16
Picklebal Channel

Pickleball Channel


Get weekly tips, trick, and news about Pickleball.. 

Monday, December 1
Great reads

Here are is a selection of books on Pickleball from some of the experts and teachers in the world of Pickleball.

Several are available on Kindle or in hard copy.. Great information to improve your game. Click the Handout Link. 

Handout: Books of Pickleball

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