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ATTENTION:INDY Civic Center fees have increase to $5 OR purchase a punch card for 12/$40   


RAIN DAY NOTE: CHECK with the Civic Center before any indoor play during inclement weather. Any organized seasonal city scheduled activities takes PRIORITY over any foul weather day. Indoor play during early spring to late fall seasom may be cancelled due to these pre scheduled summer city programs.

Indoor play may be limited to 2 courts. Be AWARE that waiting is expected. Games may played to 9 win by 1. Rotation of 4 players out IF there are 6 players in waiting. Otherwise winners stay and split. Non-residents are guests of the citym please be sure to have a waiver on file and understand the expectations and follow the local rules and regulations of the pickleball group.

KNOW your skill level and come at the appropriate level play day. 

Make it fun and enjoyable for all at each level of play


MORNING SESSIONS July 12, 19 and 24-28.

EVENING SESSIONS July 17 and 18 

Call the Civic for more dates. DON'T always expect to play indoors during the outdoor season due to city functions.



Sunday Mornings    10am-12pm   (3.5 and up)     

                     Upper Int. - Advanced Skill  COMPETITIVE

Monday Evenings    6pm-8pm     (1.0-3.0 play)   

                      Beginner/Novice - Intermediate level or Recreational Play

Tuesday Evenings   7pm-9pm       (3.5 and up)    

                      Upper Int- Advanced  Skill   Highly COMPETITIVE

Mon/Wed/Fri Mornings     9am-11am   (1.0-3.0 play)       

            Beginner/Novice to Inermediate level or Recreational Play 

  Wear appropriate court shoes for indoor play. Please refrain from wearing outdoor or dark soled shoes on the indoor courts.  Please check area for article left on bench before you leave. Remove bottles and clean the bench.


The Civic is located at:  6363 Selig Dr. Independence Ohio  44131  Phone: 216-524-3262

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 Please follow local rotational procedures. Thank You

The philosophy of participation during organized session play is to promote an atmosphere of learning the game and encouraging social interaction with the fun and exhilarating play of pickleball. All community participates from Independence to around the local area are welcome in these organized sessions at no charge during these two hour outdoor sessions. We are here to support the development of pickleball as it grows throughout the country in an organized playing situation.

I encourage you to join our governing body the USAPA to help grow the sport and support the organization. It not just a game, it’s a healthy and positively addicting activity. USAPA helps to support our needs.

During these times of play, all courts are reserved for the group participation and ALL are REQUIRED to follow a rotational system of play that we have established. We ask that you follow these procedures to fairly rotate individuals throughout the session to play a variety of participates. Private and public play are available before and after these group session times.
We urge you to learn the rules and to play the game by coming to our Monday night and Friday morning beginner to intermediate play times Skill levels 1.0 – 3.0. You can learn the basics of the game play at these sessions.
Those with advanced skill level 3.5 -5.0 and successful management of the rules should join play at the advanced level sessions of Tuesday night and Sunday mornings. During these sessions, the play is vigorous and highly competitive. Those participating in these play times have higher skill level and play with intensity. Please see rating sheets to evaluate your level of play.

OPEN PLAY is for all participants to move around and play with LIKE abilities.  Paddle Pile up, turn taking OR Pin up will help keep order of play. Waiting may be part of the session. Expect to wait your turn. KNOW that you will be waiting if and when there are large numbers of players. Late comers should start atthe end of the line and wait for entry.

These session are designed for divisional level play. If you find your self losing more than you are winning, you should stay at the 1.0-3.0 level until you are winning 85% or more of your games with multiple partners within that 1.0-3.0 level. Moving up may become frustrating for you as well as advance player expectations.


Indoors at the Civic we are not guarenteed 2 courts on days that it rains. Check with the Civc Center when weather is poor. City seasonal activities take priorty and the courts cannot be reserved for rain date expectation.
Waiting is expected when we do play indoors.Everyone will get a chance to play as long as the order of play for the day is followed. BUT remember few courts means more wait time. Expect to wait longer. Please do not attempt to set up nets without the consent of the resident in charge for the evening. Non-residents are guests of city are to follow the rules of the city regulations.

There are several systems of rotation and the court leader of the night will make the decision of how the session will be run. 

See: HOW TO ROTATE PLAYERS during busy session. 

  Need some extra instruction or a cardio/skills workout with SIMON

the ball machine. - Just ask Claudia -

Private and group lesson upon request. Contact Claudia for further information. 

Physical Eduation Instructor and Certified Teacher for all levels of active play. Author of Pickleball CPR Drills - Coaching Pickleball Readiness    Designer and creator of the PB9/PB13 GRIDS teaching method.   Professional evaluation of sport skills and tactics. Check out www.pickleballcpr.com for instructional videos and more.

IF you are interested in being on our mailing list please email  Claudia at icoachpb@gmail.com and ask to be put on. Please include full name, address and phone contact.. Thanks


Addicted yet?

If you're anything like I am you are already heading for pickleball fever. A game of exciting competition with only a few rules to manage and LOTS of fun to be had. 

Independence Pickleball is a new group but with the support of the city Recreation Dept we are going to be a hot spot. Think of a Mini Tennis game or Giant ping pong game and you have PICKLEBALL.

Each week brings in new players and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. Pickleball IS the fastest growing sport in the nation and internationally! With rules that combine, tennis, table tennis and badminton, this sport is HOT!.

Using a solid paddle, whiffleball, 34"  high net and a court 20' x 44' (badminton size) the games  starts with an underhand serve diagonally with a bounce to the receiving teams court and then one back on the serving teams court for one more bounce. From there the game gets fanatic. Staying out of the "kitchen" is the key to great scoring with fast paced 'fencing' like moves, the games becomes spontanious and yes addicting.

Really the only rules you have to manage are:

1-  Serve crosscourt underhand below the waist

2 - The TWO bounce rule at service

3 - Stay out of the Non Volley Zone or "KITCHEN" 

Here are some detalis to  rules to managent and how the game progresses:  

 --Each game is played to eleven (11) points or win by two (2). You only gain points if you team is serving.

 **Service is underhand w/o a bounce out of your hand diaganal from behind the base line to the opponnts service court. Always start a side-out from the Right hand court and then serving team alternates service court sides for each point won. Whomever is in the right hand court at the time of a side-out is the first server. You'll be switching service court sides during play as you score points. You may or may not be the first server next side out.

--The score must be announced before EACH service.

--Each player per team gets to serve for points before a 'side-out' -- except at the begining of the game.. First team to serve in the game gets only ONE server to gain points before the side-out.

--Service must land in the opponent service court

--A served ball hitting the NVZ line is a FAULT and a loss of service. The line is IN the NVZ.   

Scoring seems to be the funniest thing.. you give three (3) numbers each time you are ready to serve.

Your teams score, your opponents score and the number of the server that 'side-out'. Each memeber or the team gets to serve during their service round. (except at the very beginning of the game)

Server one (1) serves and wins points till they lose their service. Alternating service court sides for each service point scored, then their partner serves till they lose the serve.

So when you're scoring you would say for example: 8-6-1  = Serving team has 8 pts, opponent has 6 pts, and it's the first server in that side-out is serving..   as so on... 


**TWO BOUNCE RULE:  Serving from behind the endline diagnally to the opponents court with a bounce, when returned to the serving team it MUST bounce before the service team can attack.

    SO..  The rally starts with a Ball bouncing once on each sides of net before either team can attack the ball from a bounce or volley back (from the air w/o a bounce). Attacking the ball on a fly or Volley is illegal if you are STANDING in the NVZ. before, during or after the attack.

**NON VOLLEY ZONE (NVZ): No ball shall be attacked in the No Volley Zone or 'KITCHEN" without a bouce-- SO A player can  be in the NVZ but cannot attack the ball on a fly. This keeps the game fair at the net.

-- Before attacking a ball between the net and the NVZ line on your side of the court, the ball MUST bounce.

--Attacking the ball without a bounce is legal only from BEHIND the NVZ line (after the two bounce rule of course)

- An attacker CANNOT step on the line of the NVZ or in the NVZ before, during or after that strike..  

--The line is considered IN THE KITCHEN during rally play.

Manange these 3 simple but sometimes challenging rules and you're playing PICKLEBALL..

Really... Once you start to play you'll be hooked. 









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Thursday, January 8
Pickle Pong Deb Harrison

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Thursday, January 8
THE Pickleball GURU and more

Prem Carnot is a champion and wants to help you. Start here.

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SIMON is a great cardio work and assisted several of this years Arnold Fest winners in their development and winning form. Schedule a time for individual or group workouts.. Talk to Claudia about details.

SIMON the PERFECT Pickleball Parnter. 

From the drawing board to the hard court "SIMON" is the first heavy duty pickleball practice ball throwing machine, designed just for Pickleball.

A portable, self contained, battery operated pickleball pitching machine, Simon delivers.

Made in the USA "SIMON" can shoot you balls from 10-30mph at various feed speeds including soft dinks, high lobs and fast volleys. This machine can make your practice session a full blown aerobic workout and pitch you 70-160 balls in one load with a multitude of feeding speeds varing between 4 -10 second intervals.  NOW THAT'S A WORK OUT! 

With adjustable speeds and heights SIMON will get your game into gear and move you up to a whole new level of the game.

For more details go to:


When contacting them tell them Claudia sent you.

Simon is  available for use by request. See Claudia for details.  

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Picklebal Channel


Pickleball Channel


Get weekly tips, trick, and news about Pickleball.. 

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Great reads

Here are is a selection of books on Pickleball from some of the experts and teachers in the world of Pickleball.

Several are available on Kindle or in hard copy.. Great information to improve your game. Click the Handout Link. 

Handout: Books of Pickleball

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