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ATTENTION:INDY Civic Center and IHS Field House fees are now $5/drop in session OR purchase a punch card 10/$40. All resident membership fees and non-resident fees apply.   


Indoor play is limited to 2 courts at the Civic Center. Be AWARE that waiting is expected. Games may be played to 9 win by 1. Rotation of 4 players out IF there are 6 players in waiting. Otherwise winners stay and split. Non-residents are guests of the city please be sure to have a waiver on file and understand the expectations and follow the local rules and regulations of the pickleball group. Please DO NOT attempt to ask the front desk if more courts can be used. All directives will come from the designated RESIDENT in charge.

KNOW your skill level and come at the appropriate level play day.

Make it fun and enjoyable for all at each level of play.  

Call the Civic when in doubt.

The FIELD HOUSE will be CLOSED on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas Eve and Christmas, New Years Eve and New Years Day.  

  NOTE: There will be a NEW schedule of play and a NEW place to play. Please note date and time changes. Friday evenings are NOT always available. CALL ahead to check. We take no responsiblity for personal drive time.

Now Playing!


Sunday Mornings    10am-12pm (3.5 and up)    AT THE CIVIC CENTER - 2 courts

                     Upper Int-Advanced Skill  Highly COMPETITIVE

Monday Evenings    6pm-8pm (1.0-3.0 play)    AT THE CIVIC CENTER - 2 courts

                      Beginner/Novice - Intermediate level or Recreational Play

Wednesday Evenings   6pm-9pm (3.5 and up)   AT THE IHS FIELD HOUSE - 4 courts

                      Upper Int-Advanced Skill Highly COMPETITIVE

Friday Evening? CHECK SCHEDULE 6pm-9pm (3.5 and up) AT THE IHS FIELD HOUSE

             Upper Int-Advance Skill  Highly COMPETITIVE - 4 courts

Mon/Wed/Fri Mornings  9am-11am (1.0-3.0 play) AT THE IHS FIELD HOUSE     

            Beginner/Novice to Inermediate level or Recreational Play  - 4 courts

  Wear appropriate court shoes for indoor play. Refrain from wearing outdoor or dark soled shoes on the indoor courts.  Please check area for article left on bench before you leave. 


The Civic is located at:  6363 Selig Dr. Independence Ohio  44131  Phone: 216-524-3262

The IHS Field House is locate behid the High School 6354 Selig Drive.

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 Please follow local rotational procedures. Thank You

The philosophy of participation during organized session play is to promote an atmosphere of learning the game and encouraging social interaction with the fun and exhilarating play of pickleball. All community participates from Independence to around the local area are welcome in these indoor organized sessions. (See fee that apply). We are here to support the development of pickleball as it grows throughout the country in an organized playing situation.

I encourage you to join our governing body the USAPA to help grow the sport and support the organization. It not just a game, it’s a healthy and positively addicting activity. USAPA helps to support our needs.

During these times of play, all courts are reserved for the group participation and ALL are REQUIRED to follow a rotational system of play that we have established. We ask that you follow these procedures to fairly rotate individuals throughout the session to play a variety of participates. Private or other public play are not available during the fall, winter or early indoor season.
We urge you to learn the rules and to play the game by coming to our Monday night and Friday morning beginner to intermediate play times Skill levels 1.0 – 3.0. You can learn the basics of the game play at these sessions. You can find the rules here: 
Those with advanced skill level 3.5 -5.0 and successful management of the rules should join play at the advanced level sessions of Wednesday night and Sunday mornings. During these sessions, the play is vigorous and highly competitive. Those participating in these play times have higher skill level and play with intensity. Please see rating sheets to evaluate your level of play.
OPEN PLAY is for all participants to move around and play with LIKE abilities.  Paddle Pile up, turn taking OR Pin up will help keep order of play. Waiting may be part of the session. Expect to wait your turn. KNOW that you will be waiting if and when there are large numbers of players. Late comers should start at the end of the line and wait for entry.

These session are designed for divisional level play. If you find your self losing more than you are winning, you should stay at the 1.0-3.0 level until you are winning 85% or more of your games with multiple partners within that 1.0-3.0 level. Moving up may become frustrating for you as well as advance player expectations.

Rules and Regs 

Indoors at the Civic Center we are guarenteed 2 courts. Any additional courts will be at the discrection of the Resident in charge ONLY.
Waiting is expected when we do play indoors. Everyone will get a chance to play as long as the order of play for the day is followed. Remember few courts means more wait time. Expect to wait longer. Please do not attempt to set up nets or speak with the front desk without the consent of the resident in charge for the evening. The Rec staff does NOT run the program. Non-residents are guests of city are to follow the rules of the city regulations. Any violations or misuse of the regulations will be cause for suspension in the offending individual. 

Indoors at the IHS Field House. There will be four courts for play on a regular basis on the assigned dates. All rotational rules during sessions are required. All courts are reserved for rotational play or designated session activity as deemed by the attending resident on file. Any disrespect of the rules and your pass/admitance may and will be revoked by the attending management official
. Check with the Civc Center when weather is poor. City seasonal activities take priorty and the courts cannot be reserved for rain date expectation

There are several systems of rotation and the court leader of the night will make the decision of how the session will be run. 

See: HOW TO ROTATE PLAYERS during busy session. 


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the ball machine. - Just ask Claudia -

Private and group lesson upon request. Contact Claudia for further information. 

Physical Eduation Instructor and Certified Teacher for all levels of active play. Author of Pickleball CPR Drills - Coaching Pickleball ReadinessDesigner and creator of the PB9/PB13 GRIDS teaching method.   Professional evaluation of sport skills and tactics. Check out www.pickleballcpr.com for instructional videos and more.

Want to have your game evaluated. Contact Claudia and ask her how to get game video analysis done. 

IF you are interested in being on our mailing list please email  Claudia at icoachpb@gmail.com and ask to be put on. Please include full name, address and phone contact.. Thanks


Addicted yet?

If you're anything like I am you are already heading for pickleball fever. A game of exciting competition with only a few rules to manage and LOTS of fun to be had. 

Independence Pickleball is a new group but with the support of the city Recreation Dept we are going to be a hot spot. Think of a Mini Tennis game or Giant ping pong game and you have PICKLEBALL.

Each week brings in new players and it doesn't seem to be slowing down. Pickleball IS the fastest growing sport in the nation and internationally! With rules that combine, tennis, table tennis and badminton, this sport is HOT!.

Using a solid paddle, whiffleball, 34"  high net and a court 20' x 44' (badminton size) the games  starts with an underhand serve diagonally with a bounce to the receiving teams court and then one back on the serving teams court for one more bounce. From there the game gets fanatic. Staying out of the "kitchen" is the key to great scoring with fast paced 'fencing' like moves, the games becomes spontanious and yes addicting.

Really the only rules you have to manage are:

1-  Serve crosscourt underhand below the waist

2 - The TWO bounce rule at service

3 - Stay out of the Non Volley Zone or "KITCHEN" 

Here are some detalis to  rules to managent and how the game progresses:  

 --Each game is played to eleven (11) points or win by two (2). You only gain points if you team is serving.

 **Service is underhand w/o a bounce out of your hand diaganal from behind the base line to the opponnts service court. Always start a side-out from the Right hand court and then serving team alternates service court sides for each point won. Whomever is in the right hand court at the time of a side-out is the first server. You'll be switching service court sides during play as you score points. You may or may not be the first server next side out.

--The score must be announced before EACH service.

--Each player per team gets to serve for points before a 'side-out' -- except at the begining of the game.. First team to serve in the game gets only ONE server to gain points before the side-out.

--Service must land in the opponent service court

--A served ball hitting the NVZ line is a FAULT and a loss of service. The line is IN the NVZ.   

Scoring seems to be the funniest thing.. you give three (3) numbers each time you are ready to serve.

Your teams score, your opponents score and the number of the server that 'side-out'. Each memeber or the team gets to serve during their service round. (except at the very beginning of the game)

Server one (1) serves and wins points till they lose their service. Alternating service court sides for each service point scored, then their partner serves till they lose the serve.

So when you're scoring you would say for example: 8-6-1  = Serving team has 8 pts, opponent has 6 pts, and it's the first server in that side-out is serving..   as so on... 


**TWO BOUNCE RULE:  Serving from behind the endline diagnally to the opponents court with a bounce, when returned to the serving team it MUST bounce before the service team can attack.

    SO..  The rally starts with a Ball bouncing once on each sides of net before either team can attack the ball from a bounce or volley back (from the air w/o a bounce). Attacking the ball on a fly or Volley is illegal if you are STANDING in the NVZ. before, during or after the attack.

**NON VOLLEY ZONE (NVZ): No ball shall be attacked in the No Volley Zone or 'KITCHEN" without a bouce-- SO A player can  be in the NVZ but cannot attack the ball on a fly. This keeps the game fair at the net.

-- Before attacking a ball between the net and the NVZ line on your side of the court, the ball MUST bounce.

--Attacking the ball without a bounce is legal only from BEHIND the NVZ line (after the two bounce rule of course)

- An attacker CANNOT step on the line of the NVZ or in the NVZ before, during or after that strike..  

--The line is considered IN THE KITCHEN during rally play.

Manange these 3 simple but sometimes challenging rules and you're playing PICKLEBALL..

Really... Once you start to play you'll be hooked.  

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Thursday, January 8
Pickle Pong Deb Harrison

You'll find tons of videos from Pickleball Deb Harrison.. Start here

Thursday, October 12

Hello one and all, I hope this finds you well as the October winds start to settle in here up north.

If you haven’t heard there have been some changes in the schedule for the Independence pickleball program. The City of Independence is helping us to expand pickleball in the area and some times and venues have changed. Some dates and times have opened at the high school Field House and we’ll be able to use the facility with four lined courts. We’ll still have some dates at the Civic Center as well but they will be limited. Keep on reading!  


If  you're not familiar, the IHS Field House is the home of the Kiwanis North Coast Classic Pickleball Tournament which will be held again this year on Jan. 20-21. Which will be a new venue for some or our winter play. You can find out more information about the upcoming tournament at www.pickleballtournaments.com and sign up your team. This year we are adding a new level of play and will greatly enhance each division to balance out the skills. Be sure to check it out and sign up early to get your spot saved. Remember this is a fundraising event and the Kiwanis Children's charities will be the beneficiaries of this Round Robin tourney. Tell your friends! Many players are still not on this mailing list so please share it with your playing partners.        


Is your community looking to get pickleball started and they don't know where to start? We can help! As USAPA Ambassadors we can help your community pickleball program grow as well. USAPA clinics are available to new venues and new community interests. Have your community leader contact me at cafontana@usapa.org for more information. Get involved as a member as well. Support the driving force of pickleball growth with a USAPA membership.   Contact your local ambassador via the USAPA.org website for more information  

NEO local Ambassadors are: Rick Dula - Near Eastside CLE

Carol Ericson - Medina South                               

Brian Murphy - Mentor and East NEO

Bob Schragg - Westside CLE

Leurene Hildenbrand - Akron/Canton

*Greg LaVelle - OHIO District Leader

*Claudia Fontana - Cuyahoga South & Great Lakes Regional Dir.               



??Now with new lighting the field house is used for multiple activities on a daily basis from morning 'til night. During the school hours, the Independence High School has priority when needed. During the evening hours, there may be many other groups using the facility as well and the field house can become very loud. There are lockers available for you to lock your belongings. You will need to provide your own lock. The facility takes no responsibility for lost or stolen items. Pickleball games are to be contained to the four available courts on basketball court #3. The ceiling divisional net system is fragile and should be treated with the utmost caution and diligence to avoid. The court is set up with a 4'-5' playable area beyond each the sideline. Running into the net is NOT advisable and any damage will be the responsibility of that player. Hustle but don't over commit to injury yourself or damage equipment. It's only a game! Each end line has a 6' distance to the court dividers. Again, use caution when lobbing if the end line nets are down. We will be using the green 1" tape as our pickleball lines. They are clearly marked and visible.

THANK YOU A big thank you to Laura Englehart, Jan and Rick Kirk for assisting in taping the lines at the field house. It is not an easy job with the stretchy tape. Thanks for all you did to help us grow. ?


Residents use Rec Department pass.

$3 - Residents without a pass.

$5 - Non-residents drop-in fee per session.

10/$40 Punch Pass - This pass is good for ONE participant for 10 sessions and cannot be used by multiple player admittances.

Each player must purchase their own pass or pay the required session drop-in fee.    The new schedule is as follows.   ?

Field House starting date is OCT 23  

Sun.     10am - 12pm -   Civic Center     -  2-3 courts  - Advanced  - skill   3.5 - 5.0

Mon.      6pm - 8pm    -  Civic Center     -   2 courts    - Beg/Int.  - skill  1.0 - 3.0

M/W/F    9am - 11am   IHS Field House -   4 courts     - Beg/Int.    - skill  1.0 - 3.0

Wed.      6pm - 9pm  -  IHS Field House -   4 courts    - Advanced   - skill  3.5 - 5.0

Fri.         6pm - 9pm  -  IHS Field House -   4 courts    - Advanced  - skill  3.5 - 5.0

 Sessions are defined by skill level. Refer to USAPA ratings to find your skill rating. It is strongly recommended that you participate in the appropriate playing level. Ask your USAPA Ambassador for guidance if you have a question on your rating or where your skills best fit in.  


With the use of any of the Independence facilities, we are thankful for the city to open its doors to pickleball. We have been asked to express some basic rules and regulations that you as a resident player and non-resident guest of the city are to adhere too. When you enter any of the facilities as of this year all participants are REQUIRED to have a driver's license ID when entering the facility. You will be asked to swipe your ID for verified identity. Any participants under the age of 16 must have a parent/guardian in attendance to participate.   Safety is a major issue in today's environment. Please follow all general safety rules on and off the court. ALL participants must have a waiver on file. Even if you have one at the Civic Center you may be asked to file one at the Field House or have a new one filled out as well. ALL participants must sign the PICKLEBALL SIGN-IN sheet at the front desk of either facility. Failure to do so will be cause for dismissal.  

Participation in this activity requires that you are to follow all rules and regulations of the game, organized session of play, and the facility management. Any disregard of the established said rules will void your daily pass and use of this facility. By signing in you accept the following:  

1) Show proper ID and have a signed city waiver on file.  

2) Use of any paid or punch card pass is valid for one person per session.

 3) Follow designated organized activity plans.

 4) Refrain from using profane language.

 5) Follow facility safety protocols.  

6) Wear proper fitting active wear and non-marking court shoes.

 7) Use caution when entering or exiting courts.  

8) Respect and know the game rules.   

9) Supply own marked ID equipment.

10) Your admittance is limited to pickleball participation only and use of the locker room facility.  

Organization and Basic Rules of the Session

Daily sessions are at the discretion of the volunteer resident leader or previously designated activity events. Follow all game, rotational and organizational activities for each session. These sessions are for organized for all to participate in a social atmosphere and play a variety of people in an organized manner. Failure to follow common house rules will cause you to lose your place in line or dismissal from session.  


Maximum number of games played in a row is limited to three games ?in winner stay and split rotations.  After a dead ball - Carefully & Courteously direct the ball to the next server. Wait to enter, pass or exit courts during a dead ball situation. Exit court and place paddle in waiting pile(s). Know the rules of the game. Play in the skill level session you are rated to play.   ? 

Examples of rotational play.

Games may be played to 9 by 1 depending on attendance.

Rotation of 4 & out with winner/loser piles when 6 or more players waiting.

Rotation of 2 & out with winners stay & split with less then 6 players waiting

Round Robin Court Play,

Ladder play, Mini Tourney day.  

The Field House court layout is a fou- court set up. All players will be at the West end of the basketball court for rotational and substitutional purposes unless otherwise directed. Please be courteous and wait for dead ball situations before you walk past a game in progress. Space is limited along the side lines for passing.     


?So, with the summer ending and the fall leaves starting to change, continue to stretch and warm up the muscles more than ever. Warm up routines are as simple as walking briskly to the courts to get the blood flowing, add some dynamic stretches across the court and then add a few slow leans to the left and right. Now add some arm circles, leg stretches and some basic dink, drop and serving drills and in about 15 minutes you'll be a little closer to less injuries. You should take stretching and warm up time seriously especially in the older years of age and cooler temperatures. These are just a few small things to do. You should do plenty more and there are plenty of reference sites on the web. Stay stretched and warm to stay on the court and don't forget to hydrate even if you think you’re not thirsty.  



I recently traveled to the wonderful and beautiful country of Costa Rica and met with my friends Celeste and Toney Horpel of Costa Rica Pickleball Tours. Besides showing me the wonders of the country side in the beautiful Rainforest area we found time to play pickleball and help grow the sport there. As they are the hosting USAPA Ambassadors to Costa Rica, and are working to build a presence of pickleball to the country as well. From Toucans in the trees, flocks of parrots flying overhead, Howler monkey crying out their song, 3' long Iguanas to sweet pineapples and mangos the size of small cabbage, Costa Rica is amazing.  My travels were two-fold. One to visit and enjoy the country and two to find out how I can bring a group of pickleball players down there in the early weeks of June 2018. CostaRicaPickleballTours.com is building a plan for us. If you are interested in traveling for an eight-day event of pickleball and an amazing Costa Rican adventure drop me a line and let me know that you have a serious interested.   

We are working on the pricing and more information is forth coming but I'm in need of a seriously interested participant head count. You can bring a friend too. The basic plan is to spend three days along the beautiful western beach coast line, of course play some pickleball, and enjoy the wind and the surf in the perfect 80* temps. The next three days will be up in the country side of the "Real Costa Rica" where you'll be amazed how green, green really can be in the highlands. With some side trips to a coffee plantation, butterfly farm, ziplining or water rafting if your game as well during the time there. Local transport around CR, food and lodging will all be part of the pricing.  Join me and several others who have already committed in an amazing Costa Rican Excellent Adventure.            

Pickleball Tip of the day

The Drop Shot Known as the THIRD SHOT DROP, the drop shot is used at the highest level of pickleball play 80% of the time by the serving team to gain net position. It's probably the most difficult shot in the pickleball game. When used effectively from midcourt to backcourt, it will keep the defensive opponent at bay with their paddle below the net level allowing you, the serving team, to get to the non-volley zone line to execute more net control. This controlled lofted shot is hit with a soft lift that elevates the ball to its apex height of about 3'- 4' on your side of the net. It then begins to drop over the net with a soft bounce within the kitchen. This soft bounce will keep the ball below the net and disable the opponent's hard return attack from above the net. Stop getting slammed and get to the net with a well-executed drop shot.

Check out this youtube video to learn more: The Drop Shot Angles or   https://youtu.be/14w_FEzsX0I ?I've created many videos of instruction and drills for learning and practice session play. Check them out on Youtube or www.pickleballcpr.com for more pickleball tips.    


Interested in private, small or large group lessons or clinics? With over 35 years of teaching experience, learn from a certified education instructor. Contact me for more information. Small group and private lesson are available with an appointment request.  

Play smart, play often and play with enthusiasm!   Pickleball is a family friendly game and is a great way to stay active, share a laugh or two and enjoy life with new found friends. Learn to laugh and life will be more enjoyable.    

  Tell your friends to check their spam or junk mail for missed emails. Send-in-blue is a bulk email server.  

Thursday, January 8
THE Pickleball GURU and more

Prem Carnot is a champion and wants to help you. Start here.

Upcoming Events
Date Event Time Location
Sun 11/19 star ADV Civic Center Pball 10:00 AM Independence Civic Center
Mon 11/20 star Beg/Int Field House Pickleball 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM IHS Field House
Mon 11/20 star Beg/Int Civic Center Pball 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Independence Civic Center
Wed 11/22 star Beg/Int Field House Pickleball 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM IHS Field House
Wed 11/22 star ADV Field House Pball 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM IHS Field House
Fri 11/24 star Civic Center 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM Independence Civic Center
Sun 11/26 star ADV Civic Center Pball 10:00 AM Independence Civic Center
Mon 11/27 star Beg/Int Field House Pickleball 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM IHS Field House
Mon 11/27 star Beg/Int Civic Center Pball 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Independence Civic Center
Wed 11/29 star Beg/Int Field House Pickleball 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM IHS Field House
Wed 11/29 star ADV Field House Pball 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM IHS Field House
Fri 12/1 star Beg/Int Field House Pickleball 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM IHS Field House
Fri 12/1 star ADV Field House Pball 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM IHS Field House
Sun 12/3 star ADV Civic Center Pball 10:00 AM Independence Civic Center
Mon 12/4 star Beg/Int Field House Pickleball 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM IHS Field House
Mon 12/4 star Beg/Int Civic Center Pball 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Independence Civic Center
Wed 12/6 star Beg/Int Field House Pickleball 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM IHS Field House
Wed 12/6 star ADV Field House Pball 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM IHS Field House
Fri 12/8 star Beg/Int Field House Pickleball 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM IHS Field House
Fri 12/8 star ADV Field House Pball 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM IHS Field House
Sun 12/10 star ADV Civic Center Pball 10:00 AM Independence Civic Center
Mon 12/11 star Beg/Int Field House Pickleball 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM IHS Field House
Mon 12/11 star Beg/Int Civic Center Pball 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Independence Civic Center
Wed 12/13 star Beg/Int Field House Pickleball 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM IHS Field House
Wed 12/13 star ADV Field House Pball 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM IHS Field House
Fri 12/15 star Beg/Int Field House Pickleball 9:00 AM - 11:00 PM IHS Field House
Fri 12/15 star ADV Field House Pball 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM IHS Field House
Sun 12/17 star ADV Civic Center Pball 10:00 AM Independence Civic Center
Mon 12/18 star Beg/Int Civic Center Pball 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM Independence Civic Center
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