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Iona Grammar Lacrosse



Coach Lawrence

Coach Freeman

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ATHLETICISM – Be the best athlete you can be.  Be prepared to run.  Be aggressive.  Always hustle in practice and in games. 


FUNDAMENTALS – Stickwork. Stickwork. Stickwork.  Ground balls. Right hand passing.  Right hand catching.  Left hand passing.  Left hand catching.  Cradle.  Footwork on defense.  Controlled checking.


TEAMWORK – Lacrosse is a team game.  No one player can do it alone.  Pass the ball on offense.  Work for the best shot.  Team Defense.  Communicate.


ATTITUDE – This is your team.  You will make this season a success if you bring the right attitude to every practice and game.  On time.  Ready to go.


FUN- Lacrosse is a fun sport.  Everyone can contribute.  Winning is more fun than losing.

Thursday, March 14
Let's Go!!!

Wednesday, April 3
Game Schedule is Posted

Please check the Calendar section for the updated game schedule.