SIBOL CHALLENGE 2012: League Format

Singapinoy League and the Grand Championships.

Singapinoy League is a year-round recreational Basketball programme for Overseas Filipino Workers and migrant Filipinos in Singapore and any other nationalities, locals or expats related to, friends or collegues of Filipino workers.

Grand Championships is the Final Phase of Singapinoy League. Final four who qualified will vie the right of getting the Grand trophy and the Sponsored $1200 cash prize by Western Union.

To those who are still not familiar on how your team will achieve the National Championship, here is the simple explanation.

A team must qualify to join the SiBoL 2012 Season which is divided into 5 rounds, namely; P,Q,R,S,T

P-Season or Preliminary Rounds (A.K.A) Pre-season
Q-Season or Qualifying Rounds consisting of 8 Divisions or 64 teams
R-Season or Regular Season consisting of 4 Groups of 8 or 32 teams
S-Season or Star Season consisting of 4 groups of 4 or 16 teams
T-Season or Top 4 Season (A.K.A.) Final 4. (with $1200 cash prize)

Two ways to qualify to join.
1. Seeding (e.g. Top teams)
2. Franchise

*Seeding;  All top 2 teams in the standings of each round will automatically qualify for next round listings. There will be a draw to determine the group they will play next. Teams in the same division during previous rounds should not be in the same group again (this is to avoid too much exposure playing with same teams for a long period of time that often cause rivalry that ends up in fights). 

*Franchise; teams with good track records, able to contribute fees on time can apply in order to challenge in the next round. (Though we try to help to look for league sponsors to lessen up the team fees, we can't let you play for free. We help but we are not charity. If you are a player, expect to contribute at least $50 for your team before playing. If you wanna play you pay. Consider this as "Reward for Yourself". Complete all payments within first 3 games then you'll get full schedule up; the league will run smoothly. If you insist on paying installment, sorry but your schedule will be installment too. Worst if you would tell us that you would pay every payday, because we will give schedule every payday too.