Please read the following rules and regulations carefully before submitting a team so there are no surprises when the season begins. If any of your questions are not answered, please contact Commissioner, Spud Eduarte, via e-mail at:

UPDATED 5/15/11 - The only league with NO ELIGIBILITY REQUIREMENTS whatsoever is the Open League (Unlimited). All other leagues (S-League (Selection) SICup (Intermediate) and SiBoL (Recreational) will require rosters to be approved by the acting commissioner. This is to help ensure a consistent level of competition in all our divisions to encourage fair play and fulfillment for all players.

PINOYBOLA predominantly follows NBA rules with some adjustments that we think make sense; All other procedures, restrictions and exceptions are explained in the following regulations:

UPDATED 11/11/11 - To be eligible to play in PINOYBOLA league all players must have signed a waiver. Players that do not sign a waiver will not be issued a"BOLERS" ID card and will not be allowed to play. Teams that do not submit a team rosters by game 5 will be removed from the schedule until they do so and all players have signed the waiver.

UPDATED 6/8/09
- GAME CLOCK: Games will be played in FOUR 10-MINUTE QUARTERS with running time. The clock will ONLY STOP DURING THE LAST 2:00 OF THE 4RTH QUARTER.  Each team will receive 5:00 MINUTES OF WARM-UP TIME before each game and 5:00 MINUTE DURING HALFTIME but only if time permits. The clock WILL RUN PROMPTLY AFTER THE 5:00 MINUTE WARM-UP.

UPDATED 5/5/11 - SHOT CLOCK: S-League (Unlimited) and SICup (Elite) league games will use a :24 second shot-clock. All SiBoL (Recreational) league divisions will use a :30 second shot-clock.

UPDATED 7/1/09 - TIME-OUTS: Each team will receive FOUR 30-SECOND TIME-OUTS PER GAME during regulation play and ONE 30-SECOND TIME-OUT DURING EACH OVERTIME. In the final 2:00 minutes of the game (and for the duration of all overtime periods). Any time-out called during a dead-ball situation at full court or immediately after a change of possession without advancing the ball CAN MOVE THE INBOUNDS TO HALF COURT at the discretion of the team for which the time-out was called. If the ball was advanced before the time-out was taken, the ball will be taken out out-of-bounds nearest to the spot from where the time-out was called.

UPDATED 3/15/09 - OVERTIME: If the score is tied at the end of the last quarter, there will be a 5-MINUTE OVERTIME PERIOD (time permitting, otherwise limited to 2:00 minute) to be played immediately WITH STOP CLOCK. If the score is still tied at the end of the first overtime period, there will be a SECOND 2-MINUTE OVERTIME WITH STOP CLOCK (again, time permitting).

UPDATED 5/5/11 - Following that, if there is time for ensuing extra periods, we will accommodate but if not, the game will be decided on a shootout. Each team picks their best 3-pt shooter and essentially they will shoot for the game, the second shooter will always have the chance to match. If a shootout is not preferable, then the game will be decided by SUDDEN DEATH: The first team who scores, wins. Again, only if time permits. If it is regular season and we must end the game in a draw, we will.

NO JEWELRY is allowed on the court during play. If you can not remove the jewelry (such as a new piercing), you must cover the item of jewelry with tape.

A MINIMUM OF 10 TOTAL PLAYERS players (5 FROM EACH TEAM) must be physically present at the start of regulation in order to begin any game.  It is strongly recommended that each team arrives to the gym at least 20 minutes before the posted game time.

UPDATED 7/15/11 - Any team who are fully paid defaulting 2 games will be excluded from the league, with no refund. Any team who are NOT fully paid defaulting ONE game will be excluded from the league and will be replaced by new team. 

If a team has less than FIVE players available, it is declared a forfeit unless the opposing captain agrees to allow the team to pick substitutes. Each team is given a 10:00 MINUTE GRACE PERIOD to allow late arriving players if they do not have enough players to begin. After 10:00 minutes, the clock will begin and the team present and ready to play will be awarded 2 FTs per :30 seconds until the other team shows up.

For the purposes of safety and respect for players, the referees may end the game with the application of the MERCY RULE: When a team is leading by 20 points or more at the 2:00 mark of the 4th qtr, or if leading by 40 or more points at the 4:00 minute mark of the 4th qtr, the game can be called at the discretion of the official.

Captains can also request at any time during the 4RTH QUARTER to have the game end prematurely, if and only if the captains of both teams feel that the game is over. If the mercy rule is applied, the court will be cleared early to allow the teams in games scheduled afterward to begin warming-up.

Any player checking into the game must report to the scorer's table and wait for the officials to call him in for substitution.  Failure to do so will result in a TECHNICAL FOUL for "delay of game."

IF BOTH OFFICIALS FAIL TO SHOW and if both teams are present at tip-off, the scheduled teams may decide whether to furnish their own officials or let PINOYBOLA staff officiate.

Each player receives a MAXIMUM OF (5) PERSONAL FOULS for the game. All TECHNICAL FOULS (excluding technicals given for violations such as jerseys or 6 players on the court) will count as personal fouls.

UPDATED 6/27/09 - Any FLAGRANT FOUL will result in (2) FTs, the ball awarded out-of-bounds to the offended team and a technical foul given to the offending player.  A SECOND FLAGRANT FOUL WILL RESULT IN DISQUALIFICATION OF THE OFFENDING PLAYER AND SUSPENSION (at the discretion of the Commissioner). Players determined to be suspended and having recklessly put other players in danger MUST PAY A $100 FINE TO BE REINSTATED.

UPDATED 6/27/09 - A TECHNICAL FOUL will result in (2) FTs and the ball awarded to the offended team at mid-court. Any player charged with a CONDUCT TECHNICAL must be benched for at least 3:00 min before re-entering the game. 

UPDATED 6/27/09 - (2) CONDUCT TECHNICALS will result in disqualification of the offending player. Any player disqualified with (2) conduct technicals for UNSPORTSMANLIKE CONDUCT may be suspended at the league's discretion and charged with a $100 fine before to be reinstated. ANY TEAM CHARGED WITH (3) CONDUCT TECHNICALS WILL FORFEIT THE GAME.

THERE WILL BE ABSOLUTELY NO FIGHTING TOLERATED. ANY PLAYER WHO THROWS A PUNCH IN AGGRESSION OR IN DEFENSE WILL BE EJECTED FROM THE LEAGUE FOR AT LEAST (1) SEASON. Officials may end a game at any point to their discretion if there is evidence of any player being put in imminent danger or if one or both teams cannot control themselves. This is a recreational league--fun is the name of the game--save the punches for Boxing.

All updated NBA rules & regulations can be found here:


REGULAR SEASON ROSTERS ARE ADJUSTABLE THROUGHOUT THE SEASON, however, depending on the division, additions may be subject to approval. The roster limit is (10) players.

PLAYOFF ROSTERS require that every player on the submitted roster must have played at least :01 second in 3 REGULAR SEASON GAMES in order to qualify (the number of games required may be changed at PINOYBOLA's discretion taking into consideration the length of the season and the number of teams). Any changes to these regulations will be decided and announced at the beginning of the season.

Captains may petition for a player's playoff eligibility IF there are extenuating circumstances such as injury or unexpected leave of absence--only if the player was on the roster before the midway point of the season. The Commissioner will then put the petition to a league-wide vote.

Each player who plays in a game MUST SIGN IN AT THE SCORER'S TABLE before entering the game or the player will be issued a TECHNICAL FOUL for "delay of game."

All players must wear PINOYBOLA t-shirts or jerseys. Any player not wearing official PINOYBOLA jerseys or appropriate matching and non-repeating numerated jersey at the opening tip off will be issued a "technical foul," though exceptions can be made on a season-by-season basis at the discretion of the Commissioner. In any event, it is the captain's responsibility to inform PINOYBOLA and officials before the game if a team has players without official jerseys.

WE DON'T DO FORFEITS. If your team forfeits due to an altercation or having too few players at the scheduled game time due to reasons beyond the responsibility of PINOYBOLA, the GAME WILL BE REPLAYED ON YOUR DIME. If the game is forfeited due to an altercation where both teams are deemed at fault, the cost will be split between teams.

The cost of the court rental, referees and scorekeepers will all have to be covered. If you refuse to comply, PINOYBOLA reserves the right to find an appropriate punitive action.

UPDATED 03/26/09 - All teams qualify for the playoffs except in seasons with more than (8) total teams. PINOYBOLA reserves the right to adjust the number of total playoff eligible teams and the subsequent playoff format to accommodate each season.

All playoff games will be played with the same RULES & REGULATIONS provided for regular season games unless otherwise instructed by the Commissioner.

Teams will be seeded first according to OVERALL LEAGUE RECORD (by conference is applicable).

PLAYOFF TIE BREAKERS: If teams have identical overall league records at the end of the season, the following tie-breakers will apply (in order):

1.) HEAD-TO-HEAD RECORD: Tie goes to the team who has won more H2H match-ups.
2.) CONFERENCE RECORD: (only in playoffs divided by conference): Tie goes to the team with a better conference record. If conference records cancel each other out, whether by tie or 3-way circular cancellation, then tie-breaker no. 3 will come into effect.
3.) HEAD-TO-HEAD POINT DIFFERENTIAL: Tie toes to the team with highest point-differential among H2H match-ups.
4.) LEAGUE POINT DIFFERENTIAL: Tie goes to team with best overall regular season point differential.
5.) QUALITY OF WINS: Tie goes to team with the best record against teams in the top half of the total league standings.

Acting commissioners may adjust tie-breakers at their discretion to accommodate each season.

If you have any further questions regarding the RULES AND REGULATIONS herein, please contact the Commissioner, Spud Eduarte, via e-mail at


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     IS NOW OPEN!!!

This August, we have a couple of options on which days we can host the Singapinoy Cup Qualifying Tournament (SICQuaT). Games can be either on Saturday nights or on Sunday nights but only one or the other.

We want to keep all games on one day of the week this season to make scheduling easier for everyone.



All games will be played at Tan Chin Tuan Sporsthall (Anglo-Chinese School, Barker rd. corner Dunearn Rd).


The 2K12 SIngapinoy Qualifying Tournament will include these features:

- 8-game regular season.
- Single-elim. playoffs.
- Full season stat tracking.
- Career stat archives.
- Highlight videos.
- Weekly awards & results.
- Prizes and trophies.

And possibly more to come! We're always trying to find great incentive prizes and awards for our teams.


Team league fees will be $400.00 per team. We do offer some discounts which can be found here.

Team fees DO NOT include REF FEES which will be paid at each game. REF FEES will be $50/team per game.

If you want to pay all your ref fees up front, you may do so at a discounted rate of $400 for the season.

To register your team, click here. Registration acts as a reservation. Only a $200 down-payment guarantees your team a spot.

To submit your deposit by check/money order, please make it out to:


15 Westcoast Highway #04-05, Pasir Panjang Building, Singapore

You may also send a down payment via Paypal to:


If you have any further questions re: registration, please e-mail our League Commissioner Mr. Spud Eduarte:

Commish's e-mail:




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