PINOYBOLA: Registration


To sign up for PinoyBoLA leagues and/or tournaments, just fill in the registration form. Please be as in-depth as possible, the more info you can provide for your team, the more efficiently we can enter you into our database when the season begins.

: We're now accepting registrations for our S-League, which will play on Saturday nights, 6-9pm @ ACS Barker rd. unless otherwise noted. Deadline to register is December 11. Regular Season will start Feb.  12, 2012.

SingaPinoy Interstates (SIBoL) PRE-SEASON
: We're also registering teams for the Pre-Season (Preliminary Appearance). There will be a Saturday P-1 (Intermediate) For Competitive-Rec. players. Rosters subject for approval
, and Sunday P-2 (Recreational). For players looking for a competitive workout. Strictly for fun. Rosters subject to approval. Both play afternoons.

The season will start with OPEN GYM the weekend of OCT 8. DEADLINE TO REGISTER IS OCTOBER 7.

To reserve your spot, you will need to submit a $200.00 deposit. More info is provided in the PAYMENT INFORMATION tab below.
SingaPinoy Selection League (S-League) - This is our most competitive division. Varsity exp is a minimum. Many of our players have college and professional experience domestic and overseas.
SingaPinoy Cup (SiCuP) - A step down only in overall team size and athleticism, the competition level is still very high. Mostly HS varsity exp with some college. Rosters are subject to approval.
SingaPinoy Challenge Qualifying Tournament (SICQuaT) - For competitive rec league players. Plenty of HS varsity exp. Rosters subject to approval.
SingaPinoy Interstates (SiBoL) - (Recreational) - For players looking for a competitive workout. Strictly for fun. Rosters subject to approval.

* (2) P@TAS referees per game, experienced scorekeepers.
* Games run for (4) 10 min qtrs with shot-clock.
* All teams receive (10) numbered SIBoL t-shirts.
* For more detailed rules & regulations, click here.

8-Game Regular Season & Single-Elim Playoffs: All teams play 8 reg season games. Top 8 teams will make playoffs. Awards are given to champions and for individual honors.

Full Season Stat Tracking and Career Archives: Every player on the official roster gets their own profile page that archives stats for EVERY season. For a sample, click here.

Weekly Highlight Video Streams: Every week, if applicable, we compile our video footage into a weekly Top 10 Highlight reel


The cost of entering a team for the 2K12 Regular season will be $800.00.

You may notice that costs has risen from past seasons. This
is due to a number of reasons including rising gym costs and improvements to the league and website. More importantly, these rates reflect our commitment to giving back to our community. PinoyBoLA is one of many programs run by Singapinoy, a company
that promotes social action and community service and provides for such programs right here in Singapore.

profits from our leagues go to supporting not only our community-based and youth programs but programs all over the city. For more information on why league costs have risen, see the FAQ. There are also some opportunities for DISCOUNTS listed below.

Each team's $800.00 entry fee is essentially a FRANCHISE FEE, meaning teams are responsible for their entire franchise's entry fee. Each team must organize their own split of the franchise fee and make sure payment is made. We are not responsible for individual player's fees.

For example, if one of your teammates quits or is injured, you must reconcile the cost among your team. PinoyBoLA is not responsible for refunding or making up the cost of a lost player. For more info on franchise fees, see the FAQ.

If you are looking to join as a FREE AGENT, please see the FAQ.

Teams MUST place a $200 deposit via Paypal to ( to reserve a spot. All league fees MUST be paid in full before the first game of the season begins. There is a captain's meeting and open gym before every season to make this convenient. For more info on the payment schedule and possible exceptions, consult the FAQ.

Payments can be made by cash, check or credit card (via Paypal). If paying by check, please make all checks payable to: Singapinoy.

We know how much work goes into organizing and running a basketball team. That's why we give captains a lot of power in our league such as schedule preferences, voting for new rules, regulations and End-of-Season Awards. But like Spud said, "such power comes great responsibility."

Team captains are responsible for making sure their respective teams have paid any and all league fees by the required due date. If your team is delinquent in remitting any balance due to PinoyBoLA, you will be held accountable. Captains will also be held accountable for personnel, so keep all the knuckleheads at home.
For more info on your responsibilities as a captain, see the FAQ.

PinoyBoLA is committed to doing everything we can to make sure everyone can participate in our leagues. Below is a list of scenarios in which your team might be eligible for a discount. Teams may not double up on discounts in most cases. If you think you qualify for any of these discounts, please e-mail Spud for more information.

NON-PROFIT ORG: If your team is sponsored by a community-based, non-profit organization such as a church, local YMCA or youth group, you may qualify for a $200 discount.

VOLUNTEER WORK: Part of our commitment to help our members give back. Teams who pledge to volunteer 20 hours of community service, volunteering or youth mentoring at the beginning of the season may qualify for a $100 discount. For more information on volunteering and programs we recommend, see the FAQ.

FRIEND OF THE LEAGUE: If you are a long-time returning franchise or if you have referred another team to the league that has signed up for this season, you may qualify for a $100.00 discount.

SHIRT REUSE: We try to keep this league as green and sustainable as possible. So, we only print the number of shirts needed for each team. We just don't want to put unneeded waste out there. So, if your team is returning and you already have shirts or if you have your own jerseys, let us know. We can give you an additional $80 off the league fee for using your own uniforms.