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Players / International SC 

ISC Tryouts

 When- June 28th

Where- South Valley Sports Complex 

ISC will be conducting tryouts for all age groups. (We will be updating times for specific age groups and genders).

  If you have any questions about tryouts email me at I can also be reached at 775-690-4815.   


New ISC spirit store



International Soccer Club and Players Soccer Club in Las Vegas merge clubs.

 Players Soccer Club

International Soccer Club of Northern Nevada is pleased to announce a merger with Players Soccer Club of Las Vegas.  

ISC President, Randy Ritter, stated this merger will give opportunities to Northern Nevada youths players that have been previously unattainable due to our geographic location.

ISC U17g State Champions

Players/International Club Teams
1. ISC Real NV. U-9 Boys     1.ISC Reno United U10 boys    
2. International U10 Boys     3. International U-11 boys    
3. ISC Real Madrid U11 Boys     3. ISC Wildfires U-11 Boys    
4. ISC Ice Dragons U11 Boys     4. ISC Rattlers U-12 Boys    
5. ISC Storm U13 boys     7. ISC Storm U-14 Boys    
8. ISC ORO U-15 Boys     9. ISC St. Tomas U-17 Boys    
9a. ISC Storm U18 Boys     a. ISC Chelsea U-10 girls    
c. ISC Chelsea U11 Girls     c. ISC Reno Breakers U-11 girls    
d.. ISC Reno Breakers U-12 Girls     e. ISC Chelsea U-12 girls    
f. ISC International U-14 girls     g. ISC Ice Dragons U-14 girls    
h. International U-18 girls     h. International U15/16 girls