ALAN MCKELTON - Coach Alan is a well renowned coach who got his coaching start after playing Semi Professional Football in Las Vegas. His competitive nature and will to win is part of what gave him the strength to make it through a rough adolescence in Detroit, MI.  Coach Alan has led countless AAU and YBOA teams to championships and national rankings.  He has been serving the North Georgia Community through coaching our youth for both basketball and football.  Alan is currently the Director of Norcross Gwinnett Basketball League (GBL) and Visionary Leader for Innerman.

TORREY BATES - Coach Torrey was prepared with a theological education and an ordained minister's license. Torrey was a 3 year scholarship collegiate basketball athlete, at Carver College where he received his Bachelors of Arts in Bible and Theology. He was nominated to 'Who's Who Among American Colleges and Universities'.  Torrey has empowered thousands of academically and socially impaired youth to become self-reliant and caring citizens. His influential leadership skills and ability to connect with youth has given him the opportunity to develop nationally adopted sports and academic nonprofit programs for the past 13 years. Torrey considers coaching to be a vehicle every child needs in their community, to inspire, encourage, and perfect a craft, that if you learn to love it, can open doors for you.  

CHRISTINE LEMBERGER - Christine is a native of Milwaukee, WI.  Throughout her middle school and high school career, sports were a major part of her development. She says that she "lived for opportunities to run around dribbling a basketball". Sports were a major part of what kept her out of trouble and helped her to understand the true value of hard work and dedication. Due to Christine's dedication to playing sports at a high level she was awarded the Riverside High School Best Athlete of 2006. Christine relocated to Georgia in 2011 and has pursued her passion for sharing her success stories with youth who have similar passions. Christine says, "having an opportunity to give back to younger athletes allows me to be a part of what our future holds".  Christine is the liason between Innerman and our business partners.

FLOYD "THE GODFATHER" MATHEW - Coach Floyd moved to the Atlanta area from Phoenix, AZ in 2004 with his beautiful wife Nancy. A native of Kansas City, MO he is the proud father of 3 children, and the grandfather to 6 beautiful grandchildren.  Floyd graduated with a Bachelors in Business Management in 1972.  Fortunately he had a successful collegiate basketball career and was drafted by the Cincinatti Royals into the National Basketball Association.  After a brief stint in professional basketball Coach Floyd began to pursue his passion for working with young people.  He found his nitch in mentoring and coaching both girls and boys over the past 25 years. He is a major part of the development of young athletes and has assisted several young people in obtaining college scholarships.  Coach Floyd trains all new coaches and is the liason between our organization and colleges looking to assess high school juniors and seniors. In the spring time you will see him in action on the sidelines pouring into the lives of young people and insisting that they play at a high level. We are fortunate to have Coach Floyd as one of the founding members of Innerman.

CHARLES WASHINGTON - Coach Charles is from memphis Tennessee and played collegiate basketball for Arkansas University. Coach Charles has been serving in the arena of youth sports for over 16 years. He is the father to 4 very talented children. He has a gift for putting the cookies on the bottom shelf where every child has an opportunity to increase their skills and knowledge of the game when he is present. "Family over everything is one of the values of life that I teach my kids and it is a value I will give to every young person I have the opportunity to impact." - Coach Charles