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The Ingersoll Soccer Club is a volunteer based, non-profit organization.

We are dedicated to promoting, developing and enhancing soccer in Ingersoll and the surrounding area. We believe in using the sport of soccer to serve the community and enabling every player to be the best that they can be....


   ISC Annual General Meeting

Tuesday, October 23rd, 2018

Unifor Local 88

364 Victoria Street.

Everyone Welcome. Looking for volunteers on our executive. Come join the ISC in promoting and developing the sport in our community.   


 For consideration at October 23/18 AGM of ISC:

Proposed amendment to Ingersoll Soccer Club Constitution, to Article VII-Executive Council, submitted September 25, by Tom Mayberry, supported by Brent Tree:

Whereas one person often assumes more than one Executive Council function, and,

Whereas Club needs have changed over the past few years, and,

Whereas counting quorum for meetings is difficult with the current wording of Article VII,

Be it resolved that Article VII be replaced by the following:

ARTICLE VII—Executive Council

The business of I.S.C. shall be conducted by an Executive Council comprised of the following:

President (elected)

Vice-President (elected)

Secretary (elected)

Treasurer (elected)

Registrar (elected)

Council Members

Council Members are volunteers who agree to actively promote and aid the betterment of I.S.C. and who agree to assist the Club in one or more of the following functions as needed:

Awards Representative

Canteen Operation

EMSA Representative

Equipment Manager

Head Convenor

Head of Referees

Privacy Officer


Senior Teams Representative

Sponsorship Representative

Technical Director

Tournament Coordinator

Travel Team Representative

Website Coordinator

and other such functions as may be required from time to time.

Council Members are voting members of the Executive Council and, together with the 5 elected positions, are all considered when assessing quorum.

Council Members-at-Large are volunteers, not subject to attendance requirements, are non-voting, and assist in Club operation and functions from time to time rather than in an ongoing fashion.


Club Registrar can be reached at 519-808-8876 

or email

Registration forms can be downloaded from Ingersoll SC Documents in the Handouts menu!



 Below is a promotional video for "LTPD" Long Term Player Development.

The Ingersoll SC fully supports this Provincial mandate passed down from the Ontario Soccer Association (OSA). For further info?

Check out our "LTPD" menu!