Indy Clutch : Welcome

Monday, February 2
Welcome to the home of Indy Clutch where the tradition has started......


Excellence is not a singular act but a habit. You are what you repeatedly do.


  We will also have an Indiana Elite Clutch 2025 try-outs coming!!!

Stay Tuned

  Right here!!! Right now!!!


 The difference between good players and good teams and great players and great teams is that great teams give a 3rd, 4th, and 5th effort.......John Wooden


Great players don’t worry about a missed shot or a bad call.  They don’t get distracted by trying to think about winning and losing.  They focus on the here and now.  They ‘Play Present.’                   


The ability to ‘Play Present’ is a skill that takes practice – just like shooting and ball handling.  Basketball is a highly cerebral game.  As Coach Knight has said, ‘you can’t just play the game; you have to think the game.”