Imperial Little League: Welcome


A League of Champions!

2016 D22 12 year old All-Stars

2015 D22 9/10 year old All-Stars

2014 D22 10/11 year old All-Stars

2013 D22 9/10 year old All-Stars

2013 D22 TOC Minors-Iron Pigs

2010 D22 10/11 year old All-Stars

2010 D22 11/12 year old All-Stars 

2009 D22 10/11 year old All-Stars

2009 D22 9/10 year old All-Stars   

2008 D22 TOC Minors-Dodgers

2008 D22 9/10 year old All-Stars

2007 D22 11/12 year old All-Stars  

2007 D22 TOC Minors-Indians      

2006 D22 11/12 year old All-Stars 

2005 D22 9/10 year old All-Stars     

2004 D22 11 year old All-Stars     

2003 D22 TOC Majors-Braves          

2001 D22 11/12 year old All-Stars

1974 D22 11/12 year old All-Stars


We are proud to be part of the largest organized youth sports program in the world!
The Imperial Little League was established in 1968 to give the youth of Imperial the opportunity to develop and appreciate the need for teamwork, sportsmanship, and unselfish cooperation.

The Imperial Little League is strictly a volunteer effort and is focused on maintaining an exemplary program and giving each player the best possible Little League experience.

Today the Imperial Little League has five divisions, 29 teams, and over 350 players. 

For any information about Imperial Little League, please click on any of the links on the left. 

Registration for 2015 season

2015 Registration will be in January. Cost is $80. EARLY Registration is $60. It will only be available from 9am-2pm during Christmas in a Small Town on 12/13 @ Sun Community Parking Lot. Be sure to bring Proof of Residency and Birth Certificate

Go to the HANDOUTS section to download all registration forms and charts as needed 

Sunday, March 1
Safety Suggestion Box

Imperial Little League takes player safety VERY seriously. Do you have a suggestion to help protect our players? If so, please submit your suggestion in writing to either snack bar or email Be sure to be specific and please include suggestions along with any concerns you may have.

Thank you,

Imperial Little League 

Friday, September 16
Board Elections

Imperial Little League will be having board elections on


AT 6:00pm .

Elections will be held at Ricochet Rec Center.

All 2016 season volunteers will be able to particpate in voting.  

Please if you have any futher questions or concerns contact us at:

Hope to see you there