Friday, September 20
2012 Qualifier Dates Scheduled!
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IMPACT encourages all of its teams to travel to qualifiers throughout the season. The additional cost of approximately $300-$400 per player includes the coaches' expenses and the tournament entry fee.

All travel and hotel expenses will be the responsibility of the player and parents attending.

This newsletter is for all parents of Nebraska Impact players who are attending a qualifier this club season.  All teams are required to book their hotel through a booking company to be accepted into national qualifier tournaments.  The company is called THS.  We have reserved blocks of rooms for every team in each city where our teams are participating in a qualifier.  The club is required to sign a Group Hotel Agreement to hold these blocks. 

You will be responsible for completing your hotel reservations by logging into the THS system to secure your room.  A password will be given to you in a future newsletter and you will complete your reservation by entering the necessary information.  You will be required to enter your personal credit card number to secure your room.  If you do not secure or cancel your room by the deadline dates, you will still be responsible for that room if the club is penalized for not fulfilling their hotel agreement.   

A per player fee will be assessed to each family to reimburse your team's coaches' expenses.  Player qualifier fees are due to the club 30 days before each qualifier date.  Make your checks payable to Nebraska Impact VBC.   You are responsible for your own travel and hotel fees in addition to the per player fee to cover your coaches’ expenses. 

PLEASE NOTE: Reservations have been made for everyone on every team.  If you do not use the reservation or need to cancel, contact Kim or Debi immediately!  DO NOT CANCEL ANY ROOMS UNTIL YOU CHECK WITH KIM OR DEBI.  SOMEONE ELSE MIGHT NEED THE RESERVATION. 

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