Nebraska Impact Rules
1. While representing the Nebraska Impact Volleyball Club, all athletes, coaches, and parents must keep in mind that a positive attitude determines the success of any program and is particularly important in the sport of volleyball. As a representative of Nebraska Impact VBC, you are expected to act in a responsible manner. Determination of what a responsible manner lies solely with the Club. Any individual found in violation of this policy will receive a written notification for the first offense, and will be released from the club on the second offense. Note: If the parent is the party in question, the player will be released from the club.
2. Any athlete damaging equipment owned by the Nebraska Impact VBC, or any facility used by the club during practices, tournaments, or any other function, will be required to reimburse the Club and/or facility for the damages before continuing in the Club. In some circumstances, the athlete may be dismissed from the Club.
3. No athlete will be allowed to participate during the current season unless all the fees from the previous year are paid.
4. An athlete whose account becomes delinquent during the current season may be denied the privilege of playing in a tournament and/or asked to sit out at practice until the account is paid in full or arrangements for payment are made with Mike or Debi Godek.
5. All athletes must have the following items signed by a parent before they will be allowed to practice with the Club:
a. USAV/GPRVA Registration Form or Card
b. Medical Release Form
c. Letter of Intent Form
6. All payments for dues, travel or other items must be MADE PAYABLE TO & MAILED TO: NEBRASKA IMPACT VBC, 7785 Greenleaf Drive, LaVista, NE 68128-2767. Payment Schedule will be as follows: One check for one-half of the total club fees is due at tryouts.  A second check will be collected at tryouts for the balance due and will be post dated January 1st. A $200 deposit will be collect by January 1st for each qualifier each team participates in.  Per Player fees for any travel tournaments will be due 30 days prior to departure. PLEASE don’t ask coaches to accept hand delivered payment for anything. Checks MUST be sent directly to the Club via mail or personally given to Mike or Debi Godek.
7. In the event of bad weather, your coach or team parent will call your home if practice or a tournament is cancelled. This information will be posted on the Nebraska Impact VBC web site as soon as it is available. 
8. Nebraska Impact VBC has the philosophy that PLAYING TIME for all athletes is determined by the performance of the athlete, and IS LEFT TO THE DISCRETION OF HER COACH. This includes playing time during travel tournaments.
9. Any player or coach, who is charged with a misdemeanor or felony involving the use of drugs, alcohol, or firearms, will be suspended from the Club until cleared of all charges. In the event of being found guilty, the suspension will change to a dismissal for the remainder of the season.  However, Nebraska Impact has a "no tolerance policy" on drugs, alcohol and tobacco.  If any player is found with drugs, alcohol or tobacco at practice or participating in pool or tournament play, or attending a club function, will be immediately expelled from the club. 

Nebraska Impact Volleyball teams will practice at The Oasis Sports Center. Additional sites may be necessary.  Practice times are to develop all athletes’ skills. Specialized skills are incorporated with drills designed to improve team skills. A registered Great Plains RVA/USAV coach supervises all practices. Practices will be held an average of twice a week for two hour each session.

1. All athletes are expected to attend every scheduled practice. Only an illness serious enough to keep the athlete home from school, school-related events, or a family emergency is a legitimate excuse for missing a practice. But, regardless of the reason, if an athlete misses an excessive number of practices, her playing time may be affected.
2. IF AN ATHLETE CANNOT BE AT PRACTICE, SHE MUST CALL THE COACH. It is the athlete’s responsibility (not the parents’) to reach the coach BEFORE practice starts. A player who does not communicate with their coach about a missed practice, or who misses a practice for an unacceptable reason (see Rule #1), will sit out at least the first match of the next competition event she attends. The athlete must contact the coach directly at his/her home or work number or email address.
3. An injured athlete who can attend school is expected to attend practice, even if she cannot physically participate in practice. She needs to be there to support her team and be available to help where she can.
4. Scheduled practice time is start time. Athletes should arrive early, not less than 15 minutes before start time to get dressed and help set up nets. The athlete must be dressed and completely ready for practice by start time.
5. If an athlete is late arriving for practice, she must change into her practice gear, report to her coach and explain why she is late. The coach, in his/her sole discretion, will determine if any corrective action needs to be taken.
6. Athletes are encouraged to bring water, in an unbreakable container, to practices and tournaments. Absolutely no glass containers are allowed.  Clean up all bottles, etc. after you are done with practice. 
8. Athletes need to have volleyball shoes, which are carried to practice and worn only for practice. This is to assure that the courts remain clean.
9. Horseplay or ball handling in the lobby of practice or competition areas is not allowed.
10. Inappropriate language or violent behavior directed towards any club member is violation of the Rules of Nebraska Impact VBC, and will be dealt with per the guidelines under that rule. A coach has the right to dismiss a player from practice for this behavior even though they have not received their written warning per the Rules of Nebraska Impact VBC. A letter will follow the practice dismissal describing the events that led up to the dismissal.
11. Specialty clinics will be held throughout the season. The purpose of these clinics will be to focus on a particular skill or position. Participation in these clinics may be mandatory at the request of your coach.

Nebraska Impact VBC teams will participate in a number of local and national tournaments. Participation in these events is for the purpose of competition, exposure, and improving skills. The number and type of tournament depends on the team and will follow the guideline below:
18's 2 National Qualifiers, 6 local tournaments, regional & bid qualifier tournament
17's 2 National Qualifiers, 6 local tournaments, regional & bid qualifier tournament
16's 2 National Qualifiers, 6 local tournaments, regional & bid qualifier tournament
15's 2 National Qualifiers, 6 local tournaments, regional & bid qualifier tournament
14's 2 National Qualifiers, 6 local tournaments, regional & bid qualifier tournament
13's 1 National Qualifier, 7 local tournaments, regional or bid qualifier tournament
12's 1 National Qualifier or Travel event, 6 local tournaments, regional or bid qualifier 
11's 1 Travel Event, 5 local tournaments, regional tournament
10's 1 Travel Event, 5 local tournaments 

Additional events are available at the parents’ request if ¾ of the players and the coaches are able to attend at an additional cost. Qualifier and Travel Events are an additional cost to players and are NOT included in Nebraska Impact VBC’s dues.

Nebraska Impact VBC’s teams will participate in local tournaments in the Omaha/Lincoln areas. These tournaments could include the regional championships and include at least two tournaments we host.

Nebraska Impact VBC will host tournaments during the season. These tournaments are run for the purpose of raising funds to offset the cost of rental and replacement of equipment and to help keep club dues down to a minimum. Each team will be assigned to work at these tournaments (i.e. help sell concessions, setup and clean-up, site directors and helpers).

Nebraska Impact VBC teams will travel to tournaments outside the area for the purpose of additional exposure and/or the opportunity to qualify for Nationals. These events are not covered in the regular fees for the club. Additional travel events are available if the coach and all of the parents of a particular team agree to the requirements for the event including the additional cost.  TEAMS TRAVEL TO OUT-OF-REGION TOURNAMENTS TO COMPETE; everything else is secondary (i.e. shopping, dining, movies, etc., are not why we travel). The average additional cost for a qualifier is approximately $350 (to cover entry fee and coach’s expenses), PLUS your hotel, travel and food expense. The exact cost will be determined with your coach and Club Director at least 30 days before the deadline of entry into the tournament.

Communication is the key to success of any organization. Knowing how to communicate issues or concerns is key to resolving any and all differences. If you as a parent or your athlete as a member of a Nebraska Impact VBC team, has a concern about our policies or actions, the procedures to follow are in this order:
1. The athlete should speak to or meet with her coach about the matter. If the matter remains unresolved, or if the athlete has a reasonable concern that speaking to the coach will not resolve the matter, then:
2. The parent should submit the concern either by phone, email or in writing to the Club Director.
3. The concern will be discussed with the parent and then with the coach. After the discussion with the coach, the Club Director will discuss the answers with the parents.
4. If it is felt that a meeting with the parties involved would be advantageous, that meeting will be scheduled and will include the player, parents, coaches, Club Director, and Assistant Club Director.
5. If the issue involves a coach’s behavior and not playing time, then skip step one above and submit a letter regarding the complaint to the Club Director.