Illinois District 13: Challenger Division

Saturday, April 21
2013 District 13 Challenger Division

"Everyone knows "Field of Dreams" - well this is "Field of Heaven" for it is here that you can watch God's precious little angels play ball! To see the smiles of the children and the cheers from the parents it is truly a "Field of Heaven"
~ Daily Herald, May, 2009.

What is Challenger?
Challenger allows children with mental or physical disabilities to enjoy the full benefits of Little League baseball in an environment structured to their abilities. Playing with the same equipment on same fields, Challenger players have the opportunity to experience the joys of pulling together as team, being cheered, making new friends and earning awards for their achievement. It operates under a buddy system, generally pairing a little leaguer with a challenger participant. It is truly a win/win for all that are involved.

Where is Challenger Played?
District 13 has three programs: Bartlett, Tri-Cities (Dundee/Carpentersville) and Woodstock. ALL three programs will accept Challenger enrollees.

The season runs from the end of April through mid-Jun.

Who do I contact if I am interested?

The Challenger contacts are:
- Bartlett - Paul Williams -                                                                                 
- Tri-Cities - Donna Patterson -
- Woodstock - Rochelle Donahue -

They will be happy to assist you in getting players enrolled.

How do I start a Challenger Program?
If you want to start a Challenger Program or have questions, you can contact Mark Johnson at or visit

Photos of kids in action