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Sunday, June 12
Report Those Scores!

As tournament hosts and tournament director's, it is your duty at the end of every night to report the scores of your games to the district staff so that we can update the brackets and website for all others to see.  We have many people that check this website daily for tournament updates so it is vital that we get this information at the end of games every night. For Baseball scores, report them by text, email, or phone to Ryon McNeff, 217-257-2888 or Nick Hendricker, 217-779-6285.  For Softball scores, report them to Nick Hendricker, 217-779-6285 by text or phone call.

bat-n-ball line

Thursday, June 3
IL District 17 on FACEBOOK



A Facebook Page has been set up for IL District 17 as an additional way to relay information to Teams and Parents.  We've found that people will check their Facebook page several times a day but are less likely to log into a website as often.Facebook Logo We will continue to post information at both locations.  Even if you do not have a Facebook account, you will be able to log in and read information on the District Fan Page although you will not be able to make comments.  We would like our Fans to interact on the Facebook Page and pass along information regarding teams and sites and even pictures.  


Softball pitching

Thursday, June 3
Lightning Safety


You can almost guarantee that there will be rain or storms sometime in July when the post season tournaments are going on.  It is important that the Players, Managers & Coaches, as well as the Fans understand the importance of Lightning Safety.  Below are two handouts that have been provided by the Weather service.  Please print out and take time to review.  Let's keep everyone safe during this tournament season!

Handout: Lightning Safety Guide

Lightning Safety

Handout: Coach's Guide to Lightning Safety