Inland Empire Adult Baseball - NABA: Welcome

Welcome to the Inland Empire Adult Baseball League!!!

Welcome visitors, players, teams and managers to the new Inland Empire Adult Baseball League.  This league is backed by NABA (National Adult Baseball Organization) which is, as the name implies, a highly successful, nationwide organization. 

 I would like to introduce myself, my name is Mike Bedford.  I am the new president and commissioner of this league.  NABA has had a presence in the Inland Empire for the last 15+ years and many of those years were highly successful.  I will admit that last year, there was alot of turnover and the league was left in the balance.  There was alot of confusion and that may have led to alot of bad feelings.  After the dust settled, there was nobody to run the league.  That is where I stepped in, and while I was not part of the issue, I want to be the first to formally apologize to everybody affected.  I want to assure everybody that I have re-structured the league from the ground up with a solid foundation and strong business background.  This league will be stronger and run more smoothly than it ever has before!  We are starting fresh with the 2013 Spring season!!!

There are and will be alot of exciting things coming this spring season.  We have several, really nice fields to play on.  We plan to have a minimum of 12 teams based on the teams we do have already committed.  However, we welcome all the teams we can get!  If you are a manager, contact me so we can get you on board for the new season. We will have 20 games guaranteed for the season, along with playoffs and an all star game.  We already have some sponsors and plan to have more!  And of course, one of the benefits of being associated with NABA are the tournaments and world series events that happen in Phoenix, Az.  For example, just a few weeks ago, there was a NABA world series event where the best teams from each league went on to Phoenix to play on the spring training fields used by MLB.  Several of the games were played at Tempe Diablo Stadium, home of the Angels!  Believe me, you want to get in on all of this.

 All of this and yet, I am keeping league fees as inexpensive as possible.  I am not running this league to make money.  I am running it so all of us can have fun and play some ball.  Therefore, there is no fluff in your league fees which goes in my pocket.  I removed all of the fluff so that your fees are cheaper.  Any money that is left over, goes into the league to get better fields and to get the all-star field, which is usually a minor league stadium.

 The tryouts are set (2/24/2013) and opening day is set (3/24/2013)!!!

I look forward to hearing from you all.  Feel free to contact me.  See you in the spring!!!

Monday, December 17
Important dates to note!!!

Mark your calendars!!!!! Tryouts are set for Saturday 2/23/2013 for the spring 2013 season.  The season will start on Saturday 3/23/2013.  Tryouts will be at Riverside Poly High School, Riverside, CA.

Monday, December 17
Player Pool!!!!!

New Players? Managers? Make sure you sign up for the player pool by clicking the link on the left!

Tuesday, January 8
Several great tournaments coming up!!!

I have talked about it before a few times.....this league is going to be one of the best leagues in the area.  One of the things that makes this league stand out from others is our affiliation with NABA.  NABA brings a lot of perks to the adult baseball arena.  Just to show that, there are already two perks coming up.....before the season even starts!!!  I am proud to announce the first tournament of the year (there will be several during the course of the year, 5 are already listed).  This one will be in Ontario, CA on 1/19 through 1/21.  The second will be in Las Vegas on 2/16 through 2/18!!!  They are both slated as kickoff classics.  The IEABL is extending an offer to anybody that may want to play so we can send at least one team to represent our league.  If you decide to play in the tournament, I will give you a discount of $50 on your league fees for the spring league.  This will cut your league fees almost in half for the spring.  No other league offers this incentive!!!  Furthermore, if you guys win, there will be a cash prize on top of the discount I am giving you to at least play!

Contact me if you are interested or have any further questions!