Idaho Weightlifting: Weightlifting Shoes

Wei-Rui and Sabo Weighlifting Shoes through Max Barbell
Two brands of very good Entry Level Weightlifting Shoes from China and sold through Max Barbell. Shipping costs are low as well. The Wei-Rui is the Official Shoe of Idaho Weightlifting as we have 26 pairs. They have a heavy heel but they are made of Split Grain Leather and our lifters speak very well of them.

Werksan USA Weightlifting Shoes
Werksan offers a variety of shoes a this link

Muscle Driver USA
Muscle Driver USA (Glenn Pendlay) offers a variety of weightlifting shoes.

Power Firm Weightlifting Shoes
This site offers DO-Win (Chinese) Shoes and provides information for US purchases

Adidas Weightlifting Shoes
"Click" on the headline to go to The Dynamic Fitness site for their prices on 7 different models of Adidas shoes.
You can also contact the Dynamic Fitness rep. Andrea and Todd Lyons at

Polish Spur

Always considered one of the top weightlifting shoes in the world the Polish Spur has a solid reputation as a great shoe at an affordable price.

Once at the site scroll down the left hand side until you see weightlifting shoes in english 

VS Athletics
Solid Entry Level Shoe, used by high school athetes

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Nike Weightlifting