Idaho Weightlifting: Video of the Lifts


Play close attention the the feet. See how quickly they get back onto the platform so that the athlete can push up against the bar.

Also watch the barbell trajectory. Note how the barbell stays close to the athlete's body

preview Snatch by Conroy

Clean ( Female )

 A very technically sound lift. Watch the barbell position when the video pauses at the top of the pull and then the "pull" under. Athletes do not perform the clean better than this

preview Clean ( Female ) by Conroy


Note the body position throughout the entire movement. Watch the "counter" to the hips. As soon as the 'dip' begins the athlete 'counters' it by push up against it. A shallow 'down and up'.

On the split the athletes torso stays in line and she 'steps through' the jerk.

A "Good" Jerk is the result of speed and position 

preview Jerk by Conroy